We say »gliding doors« instead of »sliding doors« and briefly explain why. The difference between »gliding doors« and »sliding doors« lies solely in the association of the words. When we hear and read the word »sliding«, it sounds like effort and exertion. Our doors, on the other hand, glide as light as a feather without any great effort. No wonder, after all, we have been working on the perfection of door running technology for over 35 years. Have a look for yourself in one of our showrooms.

Bottom rolling Sliding Door
The top-hung AIR Sliding Door

The two types of sliding doors at raumplus. We differentiate between two types of sliding door guide:

  1. the bottom rolling sliding door and
  2. the top-hung AIR sliding door

Both variants each have their advantages. Which version you want in your living space depends on the building conditions and personal requirements. At this point, we would also like to mention the topic of accessibility. The desire for living comfort that meets the changing demands of life is becoming increasingly present in home and room planning. With our AIR sliding door, tripping hazards are a thing of the past.


Different profile variants for our sliding doors maximize design freedom when furnishing your living spaces. Our profiles are available in different colours and designs. They are most clearly distinguished by their cross-section and the associated application possibilities. For an even more individual design, you can also choose from a variety of fillings. In addition, there is the possibility of partitioning the fillings by visible bars on the doors. The fillings can be professionally replaced. Some of our sliding doors are also available as AIR (ceiling-guided) doors.

S1200 / S1200 AIR
S1200 LED
S1500 / S1500 AIR
S3000 / S3000 AIR
S8000 / S8000 AIR
Facet / Facet AIR


Sliding doors can be partitioned by using rails. You can choose between surface-mounted and infill-dividing muntins. Door rails offer different visual design options and are differentiated as follows for interior doors:

Adhesive dividing rails
Panel dividing rails


Door handles are an inconspicuous but powerful design element in the creation of your personal sliding door.
The choice of handles depends on the previously defined profile series of the sliding door, for example S1200. We offer different door handle variants or handle types for sliding doors.


  Griffvarianten: Schwebender Griff
Sliding door            
S720 + - - - - -
S800 - + - - - -
S8000 - + - - - -
S8000 Air - + - - - -
S1200 + - + - - +
S1200 Air + - + - - +
S1500 + - + + + -
S1500 Air + - + + + -
S3000 + - + + + -
S3000 Air + - + + + -

+ possible, - not possible

6 good reasons for a sliding door


Sliding doors are space-saving and space-efficient
With the use of sliding doors, previously unused corners and niches become usable. It creates efficient storage space in corners, niches and sloping ceilings. Sliding doors ensure that everything is visually as desired and that the view of the interior remains hidden. The sliding doors can be guided past each other on rails, which means that no space is required in the room to open the doors. Unlike hinged and folding doors, sliding doors do not protrude into the room when they are open.


Sliding doors can disappear into walls and open spaces
Almost invisible room partitioning is achieved by using the pocket door. With it, the sliding door practically disappears into the wall. When open, the space behind the passage is visible. When the sliding door is closed, the view of the room behind it remains hidden.


Sliding doors open and close effortlessly and very quietly.
The components of sliding doors are very precise and technically advanced. They allow sliding doors to open and close effortlessly and almost silently. Regardless of whether we are talking about the ceiling-guided AIR variants or the floor- and ceiling-guided sliding doors.


Sliding doors offer accessibility
As ceiling-guided AIR variants, sliding doors are barrier-free because there is no need for a floor track at all. At raumplus, other profile systems can also be used with recessed floor tracks. These variants also ensure barrier-free crossing of the floor rails.


Sliding doors are suitable for installation in roof slopes
Sliding doors made to measure are manufactured individually according to the customer's requirements. This means that they can be used almost anywhere. Especially sloping roofs offer a lot of storage space when they become usable. With sliding doors you can create individual storage space, built-in wardrobes or walk-in solutions in the attic.


Synchronous opening of several doors is possible thanks to sliding doors
Technically ingenious, several sliding doors of a system can be opened by means of a synchronous mechanism and door carrier. The synchronous drive of a room divider has something modern and noble, for example, when used in the object area.

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