raumplus is a manufacturer of custom-made sliding doors, room dividers and wardrobe systems. As a company located in Bremen, we can flexibly manufacture everything from single pieces to large quantities.

Our success story stretches over three generations: from the first sliding door, designed in 1986 by company founder Jürgen Guddas, to the expansion into a globally active brand under Carsten and Uta Bergmann (née Guddas), to the illuminated sliding door S1200 LED, which granddaughter and industrial designer Nane-Sophie Bergmann developed for the company's 30th anniversary. As acting managing director, Carsten Bergmann is now at home with raumplus on all continents and has partners in 70 countries, including company holdings in the USA, Canada, Russia, Switzerland and Poland. Despite the continuous success and growth of the brand, raumplus still stands for the ethical principles that have existed since the founding years and have been defined as a fixed brand component in the company: Customer friendliness, diversity, uncompromising quality and competence.


The raumplus corporate philosophy

raumplus as a brand stands for intelligent and innovative room solutions. These include sliding doors, room dividers, hinge and folding doors, walk-in wardrobes, wardrobe systems and freestanding furniture. Part of our lived corporate identity is that the fulfillment of our customers' wishes is the focus of our efforts. raumplus employees and managers act in the spirit of traditional Hanseatic merchants when they follow our ethical resolution to always be a fair, respectful and honest partner for customers and suppliers.

Since 1986, raumplus company founder Jürgen Guddas has set as an ethical guiding principle that partnership is more than mere identification with the company. Rather, our dealings with all parties involved should always be so individually tailored to measure that they can be met at eye level.


Maximum quality with minimum environmental impact - that is our company maxim. That is why we take the interests of our customers just as seriously as the protection of our planet. The long-term preservation of our living space is a major goal, where every single step means progress for all of us. This is a trend-setting path on which raumplus aims to keep its corporate footprint as small as possible - by constantly optimizing materials, packaging, energy consumption, travel and more. We'll keep at it - you can count on that.


For the packaging of our products we use cardboard and avoid foils and foams as far as possible. 80% of the corrugated cardboard produced is already made of recycled paper. Cardboard packaging remnants are shredded and used as filling material.


Where flights cannot be avoided
we ensure that flights are booked with low emissions.

LED lamps

By switching to LED lamps in our offices, production and warehouse, we are saving greenhouse gases.


The corrugated cardboard we use for our
packaging is 100% recyclable.
100% recyclable.

Printed materials

Our main brochure
»Smart Sliding & More« was
climate-neutral and printed on FSC-certified paper.

Long-lasting aluminum

The energy required to produce aluminum is high. However, as a material, it is 100% recyclable and its reuse possibilities are endless.

Image pictures

By visualising our image pictures using CGI technology, we waste neither material nor resources on costly photo shoots.

Reusable instead of disposable

In our canteen and at
canteen and at company parties
reusable tableware.

Lead-free mirrors

We use only lead-free mirrors  content with water-based lacquers for our doors and interior systems.

Central extraction system

With the central exhaust system we save heating energy and electricity.



Development of the first profile series begins. Jürgen Guddas’ goal is to create a profile series fulfilling the highest quality requirements. The system’s perfect technology should be invisibly convincing.


Jürgen Guddas founds the raumplus company and brand. An unrivalled aluminum sliding door system is launched onto the market - the 2000 profile series. raumplus exhibits its products at a fair for the first time - the hafa Bremen.


Norway becomes raumplus’ first export market. raumplus exhibits at a national fair for the first time, the »glasstec« in Düsseldorf.


The export market is consolidated. The 1000 Profile Series is developed to achieve a price advantage in overseas markets and become more competitive.


In addition to Norway the export market now includes the Neatherlands and Spain. Development of the 1500 Profile Series begins, making it possible to manufacture not only sliding doors but also wall-partitioning systems. Parallel to this, a new profile series with a mounting depth of just 34 mm is  designed.


raumplus is exporting to seven countries. The dedicated »Guddas Schranktüren + Bausätze« brand is born to supply German building supplies stores. For the first time a plastic glider is used instead of the top tandem roller. The 500 Profile Series is launched, initially only in building supplies stores.


raumplus is exporting to nine countries. Carsten D. Bergmann, Jürgen Guddas’ son-in-law, takes charge of Organization and Controlling.


raumplus is exporting to 15 countries. In the new »Building Supplies Stores« segment the company now begins to offer customer-friendly product presentation in the form of shop systems. The 500 Profile Series is now also available to export markets. The price benefit over the 1000 Profile Series is around 25 %.


Carsten D. Bergmann assumes responsibility for the entire Materials Logistics Division. »Guddas Schranktüren + Bausätze« is expanded to include the 750 Series, offering better roller performance.


Exports are now being made to 14 countries. The First Export Meeting takes place in Bremen. The sales line for building supplies stores collapses and the German distribution rights are sold to a sales  organization. raumplus responds to export customer demand with a sliding door system for balcony glazing. The 1001 and 751 Profile Series are launched onto the market with spectacular success.


The export market stagnates. Götz Guddas, son of Jürgen Guddas, assumes responsibility for materials logistics. Carsten D. Bergmann transfers to the Sales Division, focusing on export sales. The 1001 and 751 Profile Series enable the company to win competitors as partners.


raumplus is supplying 16 countries. While the export market is experiencing positive growth, difficulties on the German market are becoming more pronounced. The sales company handling the German market goes bankrupt and the sales rights revert to raumplus.


raumplus is supplying 24 countries. Manfred Röse founds raumplus Agentur, rebuilding the German distribution network. Götz Guddas takes over the Bremen market and management of customers in Bremen. The 200 Profile Series, an imported steel system, is added to the product range, however is not able to establish itself and is withdrawn from the market two years later.


raumplus is exporting to 27 countries. The 2nd Export Meeting is held in Bremen. Uta Bergmann, daughter of Jürgen Guddas, takes charge of Marketing. German target groups now include furniture stores and design companies in addition to carpenters and building supplies stores. Including the steel line the product range now comprises ten different sliding door systems.


raumplus is supplying 30 countries. Customers are won in China, North America and Brazil. The company’s first booth at the »imm cologne« fair leads to a breakthrough in the domestic market.


raumplus is exporting to 36 countries. The 3rd Export Meeting takes place in Bremen. Participation in the »imm cologne« and »Interzum« fairs in Cologne and in the »ZOW – International fair for suppliers to the furniture and interior design industries« in Bad Salzuflen is successful. Substantial sales in Germany confirm the success of the intensive marketing activities.


Founder Jürgen Guddas retires from the operational business, transferring his shareholding to his daughter Uta and her husband Carsten D. Bergmann. Relationships with China and the Far East are intensified. Among others, raumplus exhibits at the »BATIMAT – International Construction Trade Fair« in Paris, presenting its system for glazing balconies to an international audience.


The 4th Export Meeting in Bremen with guests from over 30 countries is a highlight of the year. A new company, raumplus Möbelwerkstätten GmbH, is founded, focusing exclusively on the German market.
The company enters the contract business, taking part in the »ORGATEC – International Office & Facility Fair« in Cologne for the first time.


raumplus North America Inc. with sales offices in Vancouver and Seattle is founded in cooperation with two partners. The Anti-Jump Roller, today’s safety roller, wins the »Interzum: intelligent material & design« award for top product quality,  combining innovation in material, function and design at the Interzum show.


The 5th Export Meeting in Bremen welcomes guests from 36 countries. Positioning in the German market is consolidated. raumplus exhibits at the ORGATEC for the second time. The raumplus room divider system is expanded to include attractive new options such as, for e.g., locks, cable channels, etc.


raumplus is accepted into the »German Design Standards« system. raumplus Materiallogistik GmbH is founded. The new »Die Kunst vom schönen Wohnen« (The Art of Fine Living) brochure is premiered at the imm cologne, setting new standards in design. The first frame profiles for hinged doors open up a new market segment.


raumplus relocates to the new company headquarters at Dortmunder Strasse in Bremen. The premises include 5,000 m² of manufacturing and 2,000 m² of administration space. The 6th Export Meeting is  organized as a major 20th anniversary celebration at the new company headquarters. The first Corporate Architecture Concept is developed, with the first showroom opened in Bünde/Germany. New product visions are developed in cooperation with the Designlabor in Bremerhaven and under the leadership of  Werner Aislinger.


The booming export business makes construction of a new production hall with 3,500 m² floor space necessary. The S800 Profile Series is launched onto the market. The results of the cooperation with Designlabor are presented at the imm cologne under the title »Moving spaces«. At this year’s Interzum the company wins another »Interzum: ­intelligent material & design« top product quality award for its sliding door brake.


raumplus acquires a 20 % holding in raumplus Schweiz AG. 140 visitors from 39 countries attend the 7th Export Meeting. The export hall is inaugurated, thus reuniting all the divisions under one roof. The C42 Profile Series is launched onto the market. The company begins manufacturing its own interior systems.
The first movie ads are shown.


raumplus holds 35 % in LLC raumplus Russia. The all-new Cornice interior system concept is premiered at the imm cologne, winning three prestigious awards. The company exhibits at the »Salone Internazionale del Mobile – Milan Furniture Fair« for the first time, increasing the brand’s positive cachet.


The 8th Export Meeting is held in Bremen with 127 guests from 38 countries. raumplus makes its debut as an exhibitor at the »ICFF – International Contemporary Furniture Fair« in New York. The Swing room door achieves second place at the »2010 homesolute.awards«. The Cornice interior system is nominated for a further award – the »2010 German Design Award«. raumplus wins the »Special Design Prize« at the North German Website Awards for the market launch of its new website.


450 guests from all over the world come together to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary at a lavish party. The »gudcina Gleit- und Falttüren für Genießer« brand is founded to serve the kitchen segment. The new Mobile system makes its debut at the »Salone Internazionale del Mobile« in Milan. The first Russian export meeting is held in Bremen, with 50 guests from all over Russia attending. Three new showrooms are opened in Russia – in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.


Mobile wins the »2012 Interior Innovation Award« and is nominated for the »2013 German Design Award«. The Flua furniture system with carcass-mounted doors, developed for the export market, is launched at the »Salone Internazionale del Mobile« in Milan. raumplus makes its debut as an exhibitor at the »IFFS – International Furniture Fair Singapore«. Another new Russian showroom is opened in Rostov.
A wholly-owned raumplus subsidiary with its own production facilities and a large showroom is founded in China. As a result the 9th Export Meeting takes place in Shanghai instead of in Bremen. raumplus participates in the founding of raumplus Poland in Warsaw, holding 75 % of the shares.


raumplus is exporting to 69 countries around the world. A cabinetmaker’s workshop is acquired to  facilitate manufacturing of highly bespoke customer wishes. The raumplus Agentur GmbH showroom in Bünde/Germany presents a new exhibition. raumplus opens its own showroom in Warsaw. This year raumplus exhibits at ten fairs worldwide.


The Pocket Door is nominated for the »2015 German Design Award«. raumplus opens its second  showroom in Shanghai. The 10th Export Meeting takes place in Bremen and is attended by 47 companies from 40 countries with opening of the showroom in the headquarter in Bremen. A warehouse providing approx. 1,600 m² storage space is constructed in Wildeshausen, Germany. On the 19th of December our highly respected company founder Jürgen Guddas dies at the age of 81 years. The sadness of the family, employees and customers is huge.


The new raumplus website with the raumplus do it! goes online for the 2015 imm international interiors fair in Cologne. The all-glass door and S1200 profile series are launched onto the market. The Ligran furniture system sees raumplus expand its product portfolio in the stand-alone freestanding furniture segment. For the first time, an Export Meeting specifically for Latin America and Switzerland takes place in Bremen.


raumplus celebrates the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding with guests from 54 countries at its 11th Export Meeting in Bremen. raumplus is awarded 1st place in the »Leser Awards Wohnidee 2015« for the Sliding door system S1500 AIR at the imm cologne international interiors fair. The sliding door system S1200 wins the »Iconic Award 2016« and the »German Design Award 2017 - Special« for outstanding  design. The sliding door system S1200 LED wins the Shanghai »Home Style Award by iF Design 2016«.
raumplus is nominated for the »Best Brand Award 2017«.


At the imm cologne international interiors show raumplus presents the S1200 folding and hinge doors as additions to the S1200 series plus aluminum frame hinge door RPS as elegant fronts for everything from closets to display cabinets. The raumplus Agentur GmbH in Bünde celebrates the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding on 14.02.2017. raumplus wins the »German Brand Award 2017« for the best brand strategy in the category »Excellence in Branding«. The S1200 sliding door system wins the »German Design Award 2017 - Special«. The S1200 LED sliding door system wins the »Iconic Award 2017 - Product Winner« and is nominated for the »German Design Award 2018«. raumplus expands in China – a 6,000 m² production facility is established in Taicang / Shanghai and the number of employees doubles to over 60.


The S1200 LED sliding door system wins the »German Design Award«.
raumplus successfully sells its rapidly expanding branch in China. In cooperation with the new partner, sales in the Chinese market are to be further expanded. raumplus is concentrating on product development. Around 100 guests come to Bremen for the 12th export meeting to discover new products and news from the marketing sector.


Uta Bergmann leaves the company as managing director. raumplus receives the »German Brand Award 2019« for its outstanding brand work for the second time since 2017 in the category »Excellent Brands - Interior Living«. At the imm cologne international interiors fair raumplus presents the Sliding TV Door, which wins the »Red Dot Design Award 2019« in March 2019.
raumplus launches the new Apperia interior system and the Swing Door Slim Line double-leaf room door in autumn.


raumplus wins the »Wohnidee Leser Award 2019« in the wardrobe category for the serie S1200 Air, Uno & Legno at the imm cologne international interiors fair. The double-leaf room door Swing Door Slim Line wins the »German Design Award 2020«. raumplus is accepted as a member of »Rat für Formgebung« and is presented in the annual volume 2021 »#whatcounts - The major German brands«. The Corona pandemic is a tough test for raumplus, like many other companies, but it is still possible to carry out production processes and deliveries on schedule.


nobilia takes over 50% of the shares in raumplus from Uta Bergmann and thus becomes an equal shareholder alongside Carsten D. Bergmann, who remains Managing Director of raumplus. The International Furniture Fair in Cologne is cancelled due to the ongoing Corona pandemic. raumplus reacts flexibly and shows the new products for 2021 with its first digital trade fair stand and a 360° house. raumplus wins the coveted »German Brand Award« in the category »Brand Communication - Digital solutions & Apps« for the third time and also receives a »Special Mention« as brand innovation of the year for the 360° House. The Corona pandemic presents raumplus with new challenges such as delivery bottlenecks, cost increases and employees falling ill.
raumplus expands its production and storage area by 770 m² with the addition of a new hall in order to be able to manufacture larger order volumes faster in the future and to make the entire production process even more efficient and competitive.

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Facts & Figures


on all five continents where customers receive quality Made In Germany from our internationally represented raumplus partners.


at the Bremen location make it their personal mission to supply our customers with high-quality unique products.


worldwide we offer customers the attractive opportunity to experience our systems in a consistent corporate image.


raumplus is always happy to participate in future-oriented projects and is always open to innovations.
Below you will find a selection of interesting cooperations that we have already implemented.

The intelligent wardrobe
Living without limits
Information at the click of a mouse

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