Hinge Door System S1200

The hinge door system S1200 is similar in appearance to the door front of the sliding door system S1200. Optimal areas of application for the hinge door S1200 are narrow wall niches that do not allow the installation of a sliding door. In combination with the folding or sliding door S1200 you can design your rooms in a uniform profile design.

Product data sheet (PDF)

Advantages of a hinge door

There are the following four advantages that speak for a hinge door:

  • effective use of space
  • diverse design possibilities
  • can be easily combined with folding and sliding doors
  • an all-rounder


Effective use of space due to the use of a hinged door
Since the entire storage space is accessible behind the open hinge door, the wardrobe interior becomes completely usable. The doors can be opened completely, do not waste any storage space and always have everything within reach.


A wide range of design options
The hinge door seamlessly joins our ranks of design diversity. Just as with sliding or folding doors, you can choose the profile shape and color as well as the infill from the hinge door portfolio. In this way, you can create your very own custom hinge door. Don't forget that with the raumplus aluminum frame hinge door RPE we offer you a door with which you can plan your wardrobe to a height of 3m.


Can be combined with folding and sliding doors
You like it from one cast? No problem. Simply combine our S1200 series doors as you wish. Folding and sliding doors can easily be combined with hinge doors. Our specialised partners will be happy to advise you.



Perfect niche solutions made to measure with the hinge door
Hallway, chimney and attic niches are well-known "dead corners" in our rooms. This is exactly where the hinge door comes in perfectly. Low space requirements, direct access to the storage space when open and a variety of configurability, let niches shine in a new way.


Frame-mounted hinged doors are hinged doors that are attached directly to the wardrobe. The frame or body are the structural elements that surround the wardrobe and form its shape. In this case, they should be seen as a single unit with the doors. These types of doors are very popular because they give the wardrobe an elegant and modern look. You can get them in different materials and colours to match different interior styles. They are also easy to use as they are easy to open and close. They also protect the contents of the wardrobe well from dust and dirt. Overall, frame-mounted hinged doors are a good choice for any wardrobe.

Features and advantages of customised, frame-mounted hinged doors from raumplus:

1. Seamless design: the carcase-bound fixing creates a harmonious and seamless appearance. The doors fit organically into the overall structure of the wardrobe.

2. Space optimisation: The design enables efficient use of the available storage space inside the wardrobe. Clothes rails, shelves and drawers are easily accessible.

3. Stability and durability: The direct connection of the doors to the carcass provides additional stability and durability. Our quality standards and our performance promise ensure that the wardrobe doors retain their shape and function even with frequent use.

4. Aesthetics and customisability: Cabinet-mounted hinged doors allow for a wide range of design options. Customers can choose from different materials, finishes and colours to match the cabinet to their personal aesthetic preferences. There is a matching hinged door wardrobe for every option.

Overall, all hinged doors from raumplus offer a sophisticated solution for individual interior design and maximum customisability.

Why hinged doors from raumplus?

  • Customised solutions
  • High-quality design and functionality
  • Variety of materials
  • Manufactured in Germany

Which carcase-bound hinged doors for wardrobes does raumplus offer?

  • Aluminium frame hinged door RPE
  • Aluminium frame hinged door RPS 22.5
  • Aluminium frame hinged door RPS 29
  • Wooden hinged doors

You are welcome to visit our hinged doors for wardrobes page. There you will find all the details about our exclusive customised hinged door wardrobes and wardrobes with hinged doors. Give your home a personalised touch with raumplus!



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