Interior design solutions with the S1200 – for spaces without compromises

Small spaces, sloping ceilings, and weird angles often make it hard to get the best out of a room. But having plenty of space and a generous layout is also tough, as it can be hard to find truly individual interior design solutions. All too often we accept compromises or are scared to make changes because we think they will mean too much work and be too expensive. But it is simple to turn even the most unusual ideas into reality if you have the right products. Like the S1200 product line, a genuine all-rounder that includes sliding doors, room dividers, folding, and hinged doors that are designed to be compatible with one another.


One product line for many interior design solutions

It isn’t always easy to find the perfect design for a room; to fully exploit the space you have while also creating visual highlights. We often accept compromises or are scared to make changes because we think they will mean too much work and be too expensive. But it is simple to turn even the most unusual ideas into reality if you have the right products. Like the S1200 product line, a genuine all-rounder that includes sliding doors, room dividers, folding, and hinged doors that can be used to create customized solutions for sloping ceilings, small rooms, or extra structuring. In addition to this, S1200 products allow you to finally exploit that unused space in corners, alcoves, or similar. All the items are designed to match one another so that you can combine individual elements into one unified whole.

The Right Frame for Customized Interior Design Solutions

Some pictures only reveal their full beauty when mounted in the right frame. This realization inspired the product designers at raumplus to come up with the S1200 sliding door. Whether in Anodized Silver or Dark Bronze, Powder-Coated Black or White, or lacquered in a RAL color, the door’s frame functions as a harmonious surround for the panel, highlighting its beauty. Panel designs and materials can be individually chosen in line with your preferences. So if, for example, your interior design envisages doors that melt into the background, then they can be covered with the same wallpaper as the rest of the room. Or maybe you want to combine them with wood-paneled walls? For doors that merge with the room, simply choose the same wood finish. Or create strong pops of color using digital prints, cutting plots, 3-D surfaces, or a host of other materials.

Glass will make even the largest area seem light and airy

The offering also includes classic elements such as glass or wood. Digital prints can, for example, be mounted on the back of glass panels. Another option is to go for the »pure« look, delivering an unrestricted view of what lies behind the door or concealing it. Both create an impact that is just as exciting for a built-in closet as for a room divider. No matter whether matt or transparent, colored or clear, glass delivers a further benefit – it gives a light and airy look that is great for large areas. And, last be not least, it can also be combined with other panel designs without stealing the show. Allowing you to structure and zone entire rooms without losing the feeling of space.

Use the S1200 Series to Create Endless Interior Design Solutions

Are you planning a room divider to provide a room with structure? Should your dream of a dressing room finally become reality? Instead of freestanding furniture do you want a built-in closet that blends into the space?

No problem. S1200 Series sliding doors can deliver all of this and more besides. Their stable construction allows door widths of up to 1,800 mm, so that you can realize a wide range of interior designs. Challenging conditions become child’s play, since every product is manufactured individually and precisely to the customer’s specifications. Why not utilize that space under the stairs and sloping ceilings or in small rooms effectively and attractively? When you have a small room, it’s important to exploit every inch of space, so customized solutions are definitely the way to go, providing space that is always tidy but also cozy without seeming too cluttered. The perfect scenario for the S1200, that can be mounted on a track screwed to the floor or set into it. Making for even greater flexibility.

The S1200 AIR is a great choice if you want an uber-light look because it has no bottom track at all but instead is hung from a ceiling-mounted track. This not only delivers a strong look but is also an excellent choice for barrier-free designs. It is also an interesting option for spaces that you want to temporarily divide and so require a certain dynamic. When the doors are pushed aside, it as if they never existed. They disappear without a trace, allowing the space to unfold its full potential.

Turn the spotlight on your interior design solution with the S1200 LED sliding door

The S1200 LED is another member of the S1200 product family. It includes LED lights that are integrated into the frame and whose color and brightness can be adjusted using a remote control. Allowing you to create interior design solutions that deliver ever-changing but always harmonious combinations of furniture, light, and color. For exactly the right atmosphere to respond to your biorhythm while also changing quickly to match your mood. What do you want your door to be like today? Framed with a cold or warm light? Light or dark? (Almost) anything goes and is so easy to achieve thanks to the remote control.

Don’t slide, fold or open instead. Products for interior design solutions in restricted spaces

Sliding doors are quiet, look good, and save space. They can be integrated under sloping ceilings or installed as freestanding elements. There are, however, some cases in which the available space is so small or badly laid-out that it is impossible to fit one. But this won’t be a problem if you use raumplus – we have dedicated products that still allow you to create customized interior designs in such areas. For example the hinged and folding doors in the S1200 series, ideal for narrow alcoves but with the same look as the sliding door. Making a single unified interior design possible for your entire home. The added advantage of the folding door is that it has a particularly wide opening angle, so the storage area behind can be easily accessed. This is, for example, an ideal solution for concealing a washer in a bathroom or utility room. And the folding door really comes into its own in small studio apartments with open kitchen areas, where it can close off the cooking zone without taking up too much space.

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