Anyone Can Push - raumplus Glides!

Our doors should actually be described as »gliding doors«, not »sliding doors«. The latter sounds like hard work, while our doors are designed to be light as a feather when sliding and require no special strength to open them. This is hardly surprising – after all, we have spent the last 30 years focusing on perfecting the roller technology used for our doors. Why not find out for yourself?

Sliding Doors – The Space-Saving Wonder

The space-saving characteristics of sliding doors are one of their greatest advantages. Many houses and apartments have alcoves and corners with non-standard dimensions, meaning that off-the-peg furniture doesn’t fit and the space thus remain unused. Today there are many creative options to ensure that this potential storage space is not lost but instead exploited to the full. raumplus systems are multi-talents when it comes to utilizing small areas effectively. In addition to this, sliding doors are also the perfect solution for making full use of larger spaces or achieving a spacious look.

  • Smaller rooms can be exploited to their full using sliding doors.

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    In contrast to conventional doors, sliding doors require no large opening area, freeing up space and making rooms appear bigger.

  • Our sliding doors can also disappear into walls if required for a seamless transition from one room to another – without cumbersome door panels.

  • [Translate to International (EN):] Gleittür, Raumtrenner, Bad, Ankleidezimmer

    Do you want to partition off rooms or instead let them flow into one another without any disruptive doors? raumplus room dividers allow you to change your mind as and when you feel like it.

No Fear of Barriers

People who want open, flexible interiors are not only living in the moment but also considering the future. Anyone can experience impaired mobility at any age, not just as they get older. For example, minor disabilities following an illness or accident can mean that we require barrier-free accessibility. raumplus sliding doors and room dividers deliver maximum adaptability, providing optimum access to all rooms. We offer two simple but elegant solutions to avoid steps and thresholds – doors guided by bottom tracks that are installed in the floor or doors guided by top tracks that carry all the door’s weight, requiring only an invisible guide fitting on the floor. Optional sliding door extras include motors and movement sensors for fully automatic opening and closing. raumplus doors are custom-made to meet all room requirements, thus ensuring 100 % accessibility thanks to extra-wide openings and no thresholds – a life long.

Why Sliding Doors?

  • They save space
  • They can disappear into walls and
    open up rooms
  • They can be opened and shut silently
    and effortlessly
  • They are perfect for sloping ceilings
  • They provide barrier-free accessibility
  • Several doors can be opened simultaneously
    using a synchronizing mechanism and door drivers

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