The first own flat

For most people, their first flat means leaving the comfort of »Hotel Mama«. There is something magical about moving into your first four walls. One of the most important things is certainly the freedom to design one's own home completely according to one's own taste, to be able to live out and realise one's dreams. For many a dream, for some young tenants or owners a terribly big challenge. Especially in big cities, (student) flats tend to be smaller. Small flats have a lot of charm,
but they also bring with them many challenges for living.

We are not talking about the condition of the flat, but about its condition and architecture. There is no suitable furniture for the alcoves. The existing furniture makes the room look small and crowded, and in the best case there are also sloping ceilings in the rooms. In sought-after metropolises, the housing market is tough and high rents often have to be paid for small, winding flats. Our experts plan the furniture together with you so that a small, angled living space can be transformed into a great, modern flat.

We show you smart room solutions that are not only practical, but also look very good. All solutions are planned and produced individually for you.
We accompany you from the challenge, to the idea, to the planning and implementation.

Please note: Every raumplus product is unique and a piece of furniture that makes you happy. We manufacture everything individually according to the customer's wishes. "Living problem areas" are our speciality!

Why does our furniture make you happy? Our furniture is planned exactly according to your requirements. Expensively paid living space is not left unused, we help you get the most out of your furniture investment.

We take the quality of our products very seriously and want you to be satisfied with our product in the long term. That's why every product comes with a 10-year warranty. We show you examples of what an individual solution for your first own flat can look like.

Using niches for clever storage solutions

The home of umbrella stands and co. The niche, once a dead corner, is now perfect storage space. If done right, clever planning turns it into a true storage miracle. We recommend a built-in wardrobe for niches in order to be able to use the space from floor to ceiling. The upper area, which is not in the reachable comfort zone, can be used as storage space for items that we need only rarely or seasonally. The area below for everyday items that would otherwise interfere with the clear view of the hallway and the like.

Wardrobe organisation and wardrobe accessories for better storage

Drawer dividers are the classic way to keep the necessary order in the shop. But how about a clothes lift that increases the storage space in your wardrobe, where you can hang your favourite pieces a little higher than usual. Or the convenient trouser pull-out. Your legwear always neatly lined up without creases at hand. Furthermore, we offer the handbag hook - nicely lined up next to each other, without creases in the handle, the bags are stored hanging. You can find more accessories in our brochure "Living dreams come true".

Making the most of living space despite doors

Small flats often mean many doors. Practical for students, we want to separate sleeping, living and studying from each other. But it can also be a hindrance if it creates a lot of blind spots. We show you how to structure your first own flat perfectly, regardless of the number of doors.

For example, a mix of custom-made sliding doors and hinged doors would be ideal here. For example, a built-in wardrobe can be placed behind the hinged door to save space. Or a wardrobe solution in the hallway area that adapts to the doors. Let's stay with the built-in wardrobe. Once the right interior system with sufficient depth has been selected, we determine the appropriate accessories together.

Basically, when designing our furniture, we offer a wide range of configuration options. We offer a wide range of different surfaces, fillings and profile systems. You can read about how exactly the made-to-measure wardrobe becomes a reality here.

Home office the workplace at home

Probably the most loved and at the same time most hated place of freelancers, students or people in the Corona-conditioned home office: the home office. The pandemic has changed many things, including the world of work. Many people live and work in their own homes.

One's own workplace is omnipresent. So it's all the nicer when you can simply let the workplace "disappear" after hours of studying and working. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. This can be achieved wonderfully with a folding, hinged or sliding door.

Our tip: Create a permanent workspace and try to separate this workspace from the rest of your home. We know not everyone has the luxury of being able to set up an extra study in their own home. If you don't have a spare room, you can opt for a room divider from raumplus. This allows you to ideally divide up and optimise your current room.

Or you can opt for a custom-made niche table that transforms the often unused space into a beautiful, small home office. The systems from raumplus offer you an endless variety of solutions for your home office. And finally, with our wide range of materials, you can perfectly match your new furniture to the rest of your home's interior.

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