Sliding doors: customised solutions for every room

Sliding doors are an elegant and space-saving solution for different rooms in your home. With their versatility and functionality, sliding doors have long become a popular choice for modern living and interior design styles. Whether you want to create a walk-in wardrobe with sliding doors, need sliding doors for sloping attic cupboards or want to restructure your room with sliding doors as room dividers - there are numerous ways to realise your own individual dream doors.


Unique solutions for your rooms

When it comes to sliding doors, individuality plays a major role. Every room has its own spatial situation and every person has different ideas and wishes. Custom-made sliding doors allow you to find the perfect solution for your specific requirements. Whether you prefer a particular door panel made of wood or glass, you can design your sliding door to fit seamlessly into your living style and underline the character of your room.

Sliding doors for walk-in wardrobes: stylish organisation.

Walk-in wardrobes are not only a place to store clothes, but also a retreat where you can get ready for the day in the morning. Sliding doors offer an elegant solution here to display your clothes in style while protecting them from dust and dirt. You can design the sliding doors to suit your taste, whether with a transparent glass panel to show off your favourite items or with a wooden panel to fill the room with a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Sliding doors for sloping roof wardrobes: maximum use of space

Sloping roofs can often be a challenge to furnish, especially when it comes to wardrobes. But sliding doors offer a great solution here too. With their flexible installation options, such as ceiling and floor sliding or the hanging AIR variant, sliding doors can be perfectly adapted to the conditions of your sloping roof. This way, every centimetre of the available space is used efficiently, and at the same time you have a stylish and practical wardrobe that fits perfectly into your room.

Sliding doors as room dividers: Flexibility and privacy

An open-plan living concept sometimes requires the ability to separate or screen off spaces without compromising the expanse and flow of the room. Sliding doors as room dividers fulfil this task perfectly. You can divide your living area into separate areas as needed, creating privacy without sacrificing the open character. Whether you choose a transparent or opaque door panel is entirely up to you.

Sliding doors with monitor: technology meets design

A particularly innovative and modern variant of sliding doors is the integration of monitors. You can equip your sliding door with a monitor to create a multimedia experience. Whether as an entertainment centre in the living room or as an information board in a conference room - this creative use of sliding doors combines technology and design in a unique way and adds a futuristic touch to your room.

Design sliding doors individually: Your creativity knows no limits

There are no limits to the freedom of design with sliding doors. You can select your door panel according to your own ideas and choose between different materials such as wood and glass. In addition, various colour and surface options are available to perfectly match your sliding door to your living style. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or want to add a rustic touch to your room - sliding doors give you the opportunity to realise your own ideas.

The path to your own dream door

Realising your own dream door can be quite simple. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Formulate the room situation and the desired solution: Think carefully about what requirements and wishes you have for your sliding door. Think about how the room will be used and which design will best suit it.
  2. Get inspired: Visit the raumplus website and explore the brochures and the door configurator. There you will find plenty of inspiration and can find out about different designs and options.
  3. Find and contact a specialist dealer near you: Check whether there is a raumplus specialist dealer near you. Contact them to make an appointment for a free consultation.
  4. Free advice: You can discuss your ideas and wishes in a personal meeting with a raumplus specialist dealer. The specialist dealer can inform you about the different options and materials and help you choose the right sliding door.
  5. Professional measurement: Once you have decided on a design, a professional raumplus specialist dealer will come to your home to take the exact measurements. This ensures that the sliding door fits perfectly into your room situation.
  6. Door order: As soon as the measurement has been taken, you can order the door. The raumplus specialist dealer will explain all the details of ordering and delivery to you.
  7. Production in Bremen: The individually manufactured sliding door is made in the raumplus production facility in Bremen. Here, experienced craftsmen ensure that your dream door is manufactured with the highest precision and quality.
  8. Installation by professional craftsmen: As soon as production is complete, the sliding door is installed on your premises by professional craftsmen. You can sit back and trust that your door will be professionally installed.

raumplus specialist dealers: Your partner for custom-made sliding doors

raumplus has specialised in custom-made sliding doors and room solutions since 1986. With specialist dealers throughout Germany and in over 70 countries worldwide, you will always find a competent contact near you. The company places great emphasis on quality, design and functionality to meet your individual requirements. With custom-made sliding doors from raumplus, you can give your rooms a personal touch and create space-saving solutions at the same time.

Sliding doors are a practical and aesthetic solution for different rooms in your home. With custom-made sliding doors, you can meet your individual ideas and requirements. Different door panels made of wood and glass offer numerous design options to emphasise your living and furnishing style. Whether as a room divider, walk-in wardrobe, sloping roof cupboard or with an integrated monitor - sliding doors open up a wide range of options to give your rooms a unique character.

Follow the path to your own dream door by getting inspired by raumplus, contacting a specialist dealer near you and arranging a free consultation. With professional measurements, individual production in Bremen and expert installation by craftsmen, raumplus ensures that your custom-made sliding door fits perfectly into your room. Discover the world of sliding doors from raumplus and make your living dreams come true.


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