Tips and tricks on the best way to organize your closet

1) Marie Kondo is considered the top authority on »How to organize your closet«. The same-name tidying principles help users to create order and declutter. How is raumplus, a company that makes walk-in closets, reacting to this trend for minimalist »organization of closets«?

Marie Kondo has brought our focus, »How to organize your closet«, into the limelight. raumplus stands for the philosophy of keeping order. All our closet systems deliver customized storage space for everyday objects, enabling our customers to see everything at a glance. In addition to this, our interior systems provide ergonomic access and include special »homes« for even the smallest accessories. We are convinced that our bespoke systems make »organizing your closet« child’s play.

raumplus systems transform structuring the contents of your closet from a chore into a joy, as also shown by the growing demand for glass doors and fronts. When everything is »ordered«, clothes and accessories are beautiful to look at. We do our best to ensure that our customers experience »organizing their closets« as a simple task.

2) You can’t find anything; garments come out of the closet creased. How can we avoid these problems? What solutions can raumplus offer to »organize your closet«? What tips do you have for avoiding closet chaos?

To achieve perfect »organization of your closet« you must have the right storage option for every item. If you do, putting clothes away is guaranteed to require no effort and you won’t have to keep continually tweaking your system. Here at raumplus we can offer a huge range of individual organizational products to structure closets in line with users’ needs:

- Trouser and tie rack pull-out
- Angled shoe shelves with edging
- Pull-out baskets
- Pull-down clothes lifts
- Drawers with glass fronts
- And much more besides

Shirts and blouses that are stored on hangers won’t crease and, to save space, can be kept at the top of the closet. When you need to access them, you simply use a clothes lift to pull them down to the right level. Pull-out shelves are a great option for folding pullovers before you put them away, while individually adjustable drawer dividers are brilliant for storing accessories in a way that allows you to see them. Variable-height shelf units offer space for everything from sports gear through scarfs and hats. Integrating LED lighting into side walls, shelves, clothes rods will ensure that owners of raumplus closets are not only able to access the contents round the clock but also to see it. But our absolute top tip for successful »organization of your closet« is to work out how much space you need before buying a closet. For more tips and tricks on this topic, see the Inspiration section of our website.

3)  I would like to buy a new clothes closet. What are things I need to consider if I’m going to ask a carpenter or joiner to design one for me? What key items must I remember when planning a customized closet?

Before you start planning storage and how to ‘organize your closet’, you need to calculate the amount of storage you require for your clothes. It is helpful to take a critical look at your existing closet and to use the raumplus planning checklist for closets.

When you have done this, we recommend that you make sketches of the space you have and your dream closet. You should then visit your local raumplus dealer with the sketches and completed planning checklist. Our trained specialist retailers will provide you with practical help and advice on your journey to creating and ordering your dream closet. Your raumplus specialist dealer will also be happy to discuss your vision for personalized »organization of your closet« and show you suitable systems and solutions.

4) In your experience, what are the best closet systems and what products are the most popular?

Built-in closets combined with customized interior systems and our gliding doors are really in demand right now. One of the reasons could be that we are able to provide a solution for every space. We have the right closet and matching sliding doors for any size footprint. In line with the customer’s wishes and individually customized and configured. That’s what the raumplus name stands for; it’s in our DNA.

Our interior systems provide everything you could ever need for »organizing your closet«. They include a wide range of options for configuring storage in line with your wishes and making optimum use of the space you have, including alcoves and sloping ceilings. Seamless planning that goes around corners, ensuring that no area is wasted, is also popular.

People with plenty of space are often fans of the luxurious convenience of a raumplus walk-in closet. With its open or closed storage based around rack or carcass systems; endless construction and design options; and matching stand-alone pieces like chests of drawers the walk-in option is the embodiment of »organizing your closet«. We would like to invite all our readers to try out the raumplus »Do-it!« configurator. Use it to design your personal raumplus (dream) closet and test your new »organizing your closet« skills.

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