Inspiration for interiors from small through challenging room situations

Your own four walls are a very personal thing. They rarely have standard dimensions. Alcoves, bays, and sloping ceilings are common. As are very high ceilings or open-plan layouts. Not to forget stairs, angled walls, and much more besides. All of these give a home its own distinctive character, however can also present challenges when furnishing rooms. Customized built-in closets, room dividers, and doors from raumplus provide the perfect solution for every space. To give you an idea of what they can be like, we have provided a few sources of inspiration for various interior design solutions below.

Small-scale haute cuisine – interior design inspiration for small kitchens

Kitchens are social hubs. But not everyone has the space for a large kitchen. With the right planning and corresponding inspiration for interior design solutions it is, however, possible to turn a small kitchen into the heart of the home. For example with a sliding door that creates space because you don’t need to keep space free so that you can open doors. A glass door will let light into the room, making it seem airier, while open shelves bring variety into the concept. In general it is, however, important to keep clutter to a minimum. The best way to do this is to conceal cooking equipment, food, and other items behind sliding or folding doors that keep interior systems and their contents out of sight. Another option is to choose wall cabinets that extend up to the ceiling, along a sloping ceiling, and over the door lintel. To see how you can achieve this, take a look at our sources of inspiration for small kitchen interiors and the idea browser for closet solutions and room dividers.

Space to romp – interior design inspiration for small children’s rooms

Small children’s rooms are not a problem if you view them in terms of different height levels. Most children will love a loft bed that allows them to read and sleep at an airy height, while the space underneath can be used for a desk, reading corner, extra bed for sleepovers, and much more besides. It can also be used to create extra storage, allowing toys and other items to disappear onto shelves that are in turn hidden behind sliding doors. And if you choose a door panel that can be drawn on with chalk, then there will be no limits to your child’s creativity.

Inspiration for design concepts for children’s rooms doesn’t stop there. More ambitious plans can involve using a door and interior system to create a closet. Pants, shoes, pullovers, and everything else will disappear behind the door. All raumplus products are bespoke, also making them a great option for rooms with sloping ceilings and unusual angles.

A small space becomes big – interior design inspiration for small apartments

People who live in small homes need to have a sense of order. It creates a feeling of calm and gives a sense of space. There are many concepts for furnishing small rooms, with hidden storage one of the most popular. In other words, you exploit areas under stairs, windowsills, in alcoves, and over and next to doors and windows to their full! And if you use customized built-in closets, sliding doors, and shelving systems from raumplus, the result will be one harmonious whole. Our products can be used for floor-to-ceiling designs or you can even create a new level within the room, for example by constructing platforms with storage underneath. For more sources of inspiration for small spaces, take a look at our idea browser for closet solutions and room dividers.

Walk right in – interior design inspiration for hallways

It’s where you arrive or greet and see off visitors. The hallway is the first and last room you enter in a home, so it should be an inviting space. And you also need to remember practical aspects, like storage for jackets, shoes, hats, bike lights, and the rest. A built-in closet is a great solution for hallways, especially when combined with a folding or sliding door to hide everything away. Customized panels allow the doors to provide pops of color or to melt into the background. The same applies for raumplus room doors, that can be manufactured to match your interior design concept.

A special place for everything – ideas for closets and interior design inspiration for perfect storage

Closets are some of the largest pieces of furniture in a house. But it isn’t always easy to find one that fits your measurements and meets your individual needs. If you hate compromises, then a customized closet is the way to go. No matter whether large or small; floor-to-ceiling or along a sloping ceiling; under stairs; extra-slim; wall-hung; or around a corner, raumplus can offer many sources of inspiration for interior design solutions to solve your needs in these areas. You can combine interior systems with sliding doors and this, together with custom-made manufacturing, ensures that raumplus can master nearly every interior design challenge. Systems with wood door panels that cover a whole wall or bespoke bathroom furniture are just a few examples of this; as are our projects that include glass, fabric, wallpaper, or digital prints.

One space, endless possibilities – ideas for room dividers and interior design inspiration for homes and businesses

A large room; a wide hallway; an open-plan kitchen – rip out the walls and a space automatically seems bigger. The downside is that it can be hard to use it effectively. Room dividers are an excellent option if you want to exploit all the possibilities offered by such spaces because they allow you to create new layouts. For example, a room within a room. This is a good option for offices or lawyers and doctors’ offices, where separate meeting areas, examination rooms, or offices are required. Combined with glass, aluminum, or wood; decorated with films or digital prints, they can create rooms that reflect the corresponding business.

And there are also many, many interior design ideas that can be achieved in private homes using room dividers. For example, you can transform a one-room apartment with an open kitchenette into a home with a living area, bedroom, and concealed kitchen unit. Using a divider to temporarily separate the tub from the rest of a large bathroom can give you that dedicated spa area you’ve always wanted. Open-plan kitchens or bathrooms that are integrated into bedrooms are also attractive architectural features, however can be impractical for everyday use. Room dividers and sliding doors allow you to create quiet areas that can be closed off as required. Dividers can also provide structure in long rooms, such as a converted attic. Room dividers offer limitless possibilities and sources of interior design inspiration.

When a closet becomes a catwalk – interior design inspiration for bedrooms and ideas for walk-in closets

Who hasn’t dreamed of a dressing room? Who hasn’t wished that they could see and access all their clothes at once? There are many corresponding sources of interior design inspiration for every taste and style. And you don’t even need a separate space to create a dressing room. raumplus can supply the sliding doors, room dividers, and interior systems required to integrate one into almost any room. It could be in an attic or go around a corner. Further options include glass doors to keep dust out but let light in and, if you want, to show the closet’s contents, as well as a range of surface décors. In addition to this, raumplus has organization systems to provide dedicated places for every item. When combined with customized chests of drawers and other extras, your dream of your own personal catwalk can finally come true. To see how you can achieve this, take a look at our idea browser for closet solutions and room dividers that provides many sources of interior design inspiration for dressing rooms.

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