raumplus in conversation with Homify on the subject of furnishing trends 2023

For our blog post, we had the pleasure of having a written interview with Sabine Neumann. Sabine Neumann works as an editor for Homify and has made a name for herself in this field. We are very pleased that she took the time to answer our questions and tell us more about her experience. Below you will find the full interview with Homify.

Since the pandemic, many companies have been offering their employees home offices. What trends do you notice with regard to the topic of home office?

With regard to working from home, the topic of flexibility has been clearly emerging as a major trend for some time now. More and more people are working from home - either permanently or part-time - but not all of us have our own room. So it's important to find alternatives to the fully furnished office or corners in other rooms that are suitable for working comfortably and effectively and that also integrate harmoniously into the décor. Functional furniture, innovative storage options and clever technology solutions are needed to integrate the home office stylishly, seamlessly and discreetly into the living space.

Colors & contrasts: Which color trends do you see as definitely set and perhaps possible for 2023?

At the end of each year, the Pantone color institute chooses the color of the coming year. For 2023, the choice fell on "Viva Magenta," a purple shade that alternates between cold and warm and stands for optimism, joy and fearlessness. So next year's trend color is a vibrant, eye-catching and striking one that inspires hope in all of us for more joy and lightheartedness, giving us strength and energy. In general, it can be said that color trends in 2023 will be based on a mood of transition and change. While for a long time rather neutral, restrained colors have set the tone, it is now allowed to get a little louder, stronger and more colorful again. This doesn't mean that natural shades like beige and gray will completely fade into the background, but they will now be combined more often again with more colorful accents.

Modular furniture also seems to be the trend in 2023. What advantage do you see in this furniture?

Modular furniture is a trend of the past year that will continue in 2023. For good reason, after all, our lifestyles and even the way we work are becoming more flexible, and furniture designers are responding to that. Modular furniture allows us pure flexibility and easily adapts to our (changing) needs. With them, we can align our environment with our current wishes and demands - in both private and professional contexts.

Individual living: What trend themes would you see here?

Innovative and alternative living concepts are a really exciting topic that will certainly continue to develop in the coming year. One alternative form of living that is gaining more and more followers is the Tiny House concept, which means living in the smallest of spaces. Here, not only the idea of minimalism is being taken up, but also the issue of sustainability, both aspects that are playing an increasingly important role in today's society. On the other hand, more and more communal living projects are emerging that are primarily aimed at making more effective and comfortable use of the increasingly limited living space. In shared living, much of one's own living space is outsourced to communally used areas. This can create collaborative spaces such as workspaces and shared rooftop gardens, or guest rooms that can be used by everyone. In this way, not only are space and resources used effectively, but a lively togetherness also develops that is ideally characterized by solidarity, appreciative communication and good human relationships.

Sustainability: All organic or is there also a middle way?

Of course, the topic of sustainability will remain one of the central tasks of our society in 2023 and will accordingly also play an important role in interior design. The fact that we deal responsibly with our planet should also not be a trend, but a matter of course in the thinking of all of us. But of course it will still not be possible - and also not necessary - that everyone will live and stay 100% sustainable, eco and organic. Setting realistic goals and starting small is already an important first step and probably also a healthy middle path from which we can all benefit. In interior design, however, we can and should all keep the theme of "quality over quantity" in mind and definitely focus on high-quality, durable furniture and home accessories.

Refurbishment/renovation of old buildings: Which top themes are emerging on homify?

Sustainability and energy efficiency will continue to be the focus of attention in the renovation and refurbishment of older buildings. Natural building materials, high-quality, timeless furniture and the successful combination of old and new will continue to have a high priority in 2023, as will innovative technical solutions that make everyday life easier.

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