Made-to-measure sliding doors for wardrobe & co.

Our home is the place where we spend most of our time. It is our place of recharge. A study by the Federal Statistical Office found that we spend an average of around 90% of our time indoors. Converted, that is almost 22 hours a day. For this reason, it is all the more important that we feel comfortable and secure at home.

Custom-made furniture: a mirror of our taste and homely additions to our home.

An important aspect of feeling comfortable in our own four walls is the furnishings. Furniture is not only a functional object, it reflects our taste and personality. Typical mass-produced furniture may be practical, but it often does not fit perfectly into our home. It often does not meet our individual needs and preferences.

That's why custom-made furniture is a great option for anyone who wants to tailor their furniture to their home.

Custom-made furniture is made specifically for your needs and your space. This makes custom-made furniture a perfect fit for your home. You can also be sure that this furniture is not only functional, but also meets your design preferences. Made-to-measure furniture comes in many finishes, for example as:

  1. Built-in wardrobes: Built-in wardrobes are custom-made cabinets that are designed and built specifically for the room in which they are installed. They are often used in bedrooms, living rooms or hallways to create additional storage space.
  2. Kitchen furniture: Customised kitchen furniture is a popular choice for people who want to adapt their kitchen to their needs. Bespoke kitchen cabinets, worktops and shelving can be made in a range of sizes and materials to suit the customer's individual needs.
  3. Tables and chairs: Bespoke tables and chairs can be made in different sizes, shapes and materials to suit the customer's needs. They can be adapted for dining rooms, offices, conference rooms or other spaces.
  4. Custom made: One of a kind are pieces of furniture that are made especially for the customer to meet their individual needs and wishes. This can include, for example, beds, desks, shelves or TV furniture.
  5. Office furnishings: Custom-made furniture for business and office spaces is also in high demand. This includes, for example, reception counters, shelves, office cabinets and conference tables. This furniture is custom-made to meet the needs of the business while ensuring a professional and appealing appearance.

At raumplus, we specialise in the manufacture of custom-made sliding doors, room dividers and wardrobe systems.

Another advantage of custom-made furniture is its durability. They are made of high-quality materials and have a very long life. In principle, we grant a 10-year guarantee on our components. We want to create durable and sustainable furniture and room solutions.

The world around us is constantly changing and our lives are becoming more and more complex. That is why it is important that we constantly develop our systems. Sensible further development of existing furniture systems can help to ensure that furniture can be used for longer by adapting it to the needs and requirements of users and thus keeping it up-to-date.


In this context, we would also like to introduce our latest development. We are pleased to present our new product "Facet". Facet is our new sliding door system. The special thing about Facet are the bevelled edges, mitre-like corner joints, which reflect differently like the facets of a precious stone. As a room divider or sliding door in front of built-in wardrobes or as an entrée to a walk-in wardrobe, Facet catches everyone's eye.

The Facet sliding door system was developed to offer a unique design brilliance and at the same time ensure a high level of functionality. The system's slim profile dimension ensures that it integrates seamlessly into any space, offering a minimalist aesthetic that is both modern and timeless.

The advantages of sliding doors as room dividers

A sliding door, or as we call it, sliding door, can offer many advantages as a room divider. Especially compared to traditional ways of dividing rooms using partitions or curtains. Sliding doors offer the following advantages:

Space-saving: unlike fixed walls or partitions, a sliding door does not require additional space in the room as it moves along the wall and does not protrude into the room.

Flexibility: A sliding door can be easily opened and closed as needed. This means that it can be used as a room divider for different purposes, e.g. to divide the room into separate areas for different activities or to create privacy.

Design: A sliding door as a room divider can also be a design element in the room that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are many different materials and designs to choose from, from modern glass or metal doors to classic wooden doors.

Light: A sliding door as a room divider can also help to distribute natural light throughout the room. This is particularly important in rooms that have little natural light or where an open, airy atmosphere is desired.

Noise reduction: A sliding door as a room divider can also help reduce noise by muffling sound from one room to another. This is particularly useful in rooms where it is important to maintain a quiet atmosphere, such as a home office or bedroom.

Overall, it is important that we feel comfortable in our home as we spend a lot of our time there. Custom-made furniture is a great option to ensure that our furnishings meet our individual needs and preferences. They fit perfectly in our home and are durable, so we can be sure that they will be with us in the future.

If this has whetted your appetite to have your own furniture or smart room solutions made, simply make an appointment with one of our specialist dealers. You are also welcome to get more ideas in advance in our idea book or our virtual 360° VR house to find a solution for your home.


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