Customised built-in wardrobes for unique living spaces

Fitted wardrobes are the all-rounders of storage space solutions and offer customised solutions for every room in your home. We have specialised in the production of customised interior systems and storage solutions for over 35 years. This blog post is all about the benefits of customised built-in wardrobes. Not only do they offer plenty of storage space, but they also look great in different living areas. Find out why a customised built-in wardrobe is the best choice for designing your storage space. Find out how raumplus can help you with inspiration, planning and finding a suitable specialist retailer. Discover a variety of different customised built-in wardrobes and how you can add style to your home.


The benefits of built-in wardrobes for your home

Fitted wardrobes are practical and help to utilise space efficiently by offering many benefits and saving space. Built-in wardrobes as storage solutions are true space-saving heroes. Built-in wardrobes are the perfect solution for making the most of the space available in living rooms. Thanks to their customisation, they can fill the entire available space without wasting space. Built-in wardrobes can be perfectly adapted to any type of room, be it narrow, unusual or with sloping ceilings. This means that every square metre of the room is used optimally. They offer the opportunity to utilise even the smallest niches efficiently. This means that even previously unused areas of the room can be utilised sensibly without losing valuable space. Sloping ceilings often pose a challenge when it comes to furnishing. Built-in wardrobes are perfect for sloping ceilings to create more storage space and make optimum use of the room. 

Ideal for old buildings: Built-in wardrobes are particularly suitable for old buildings, where the space is often not standardised. Thanks to their flexible adaptability, they can also be perfectly integrated into historic buildings. They also fit seamlessly into the room design and can even serve as a design element. With different materials, surfaces and door designs, they can be perfectly matched to the style of the room.

Conclusion: What are the advantages of built-in wardrobes?

  •  They make efficient use of the available space.
  •  They are adaptable to structural conditions, including niches and sloping ceilings.
  •  They are particularly suitable for old buildings with unusual spatial conditions.
  •  They can be aesthetically integrated into the room design and offer the possibility of personalised design.


raumplus wardrobe configurator

Before you use the raumplus wardrobe configurator, you should make some important considerations. This will ensure that your customised wardrobe fits your needs and your room perfectly. Here are some points you should consider:

Room dimensions: take exact measurements of your room, including height, width and depth. Also take into account structural features such as sloping ceilings, niches or unusual angles.

Functionality: Think about what functions your customised wardrobe should fulfil. Should the wardrobe only be for clothes or do you also need space for books, files or household appliances?

Space requirements: Think about what kind of storage you need. Do you mainly need shelves, clothes rails, drawers or a combination of everything?

Style and design: Think about the style and design of your built-in wardrobe. Do you want a contemporary, minimalist design concept or something more classic and timeless? Also consider the existing furnishings in your room.

Materials and surfaces: Decide on materials and finishes that suit your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle. Also consider aspects such as durability, ease of care and environmental compatibility.

Before you use the raumplus wardrobe configurator, consider whether your wardrobe idea fits your room. Make sure that it meets all your requirements and wishes. Our blog article "Wardrobe design made easy" gives you a detailed insight into how to use the raumplus wardrobe configurator.

Advantages of raumplus customised fitted wardrobes

At raumplus, trained dealers are available to provide you with professional and comprehensive advice. They will help you find the right built-in wardrobe and support you with planning and configuration. In addition to the basic wardrobe design options, raumplus also offers many extras for your wardrobe. There are numerous ways to customise your built-in wardrobe, for example with special storage solutions and innovative sliding door systems.

The quality and durability of raumplus built-in wardrobes are unrivalled. Manufactured in Germany under strict quality standards, they offer maximum reliability and are backed by a generous 10-year guarantee. So you can be sure that your built-in wardrobe will give you pleasure for a long time. raumplus constantly tests and improves its products to maintain high standards. Raumplus constantly tests and improves its products to maintain high standards. This not only ensures quality, but also integrates new technologies and designs. The aim is to make built-in wardrobes more functional and more beautiful.

raumplus is a globally recognised and award-winning partner for the manufacture of fitted wardrobes and the realisation of your dream home. Your customised built-in wardrobe is manufactured with the utmost precision and care to meet all your requirements.

Customised wardrobe solutions - Made in Germany

Use our dealer search on our website to find specialist dealers for raumplus fitted wardrobes in your region. Our customised room solutions are manufactured in Bremen. They bear the "Möbel Made in Germany" label for high-quality German furniture.

The raumplus products have passed the tests of the German Institute for Furniture Technology. The tests were carried out by the German Furniture Manufacturing Association. This means that products such as sliding doors, walk-in wardrobes, built-in wardrobes, room dividers and chests of drawers bear the "Made in Germany" label.

All raumplus built-in wardrobes are manufactured in Bremen, under strict quality standards and with a wide range of materials. Our raw materials, materials, processing and testing guarantee the highest product quality and the best possible sustainability. A customised built-in wardrobe from raumplus offers the ideal solution for unique interior design and maximum storage space utilisation. Take advantage of the variety, quality and flexibility of our built-in wardrobes to optimally organise and design your home.



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