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raumplus Turn intergr. loudspeaker

The new closet and sliding door generations are more than just pretty faces – invisible from the outside they can not only structure space but also fill it with the right sound. raumplus and integrated loudspeaker systems make it possible – using furniture that sets an elegant tone.

raumplus S800 Kitchen round the corner

The fascination of interiors: When buildings wow us with their structure; statics, and execution, then ideally the interiors should also mirror this. The objective should be to find the perfect design for the relevant room and achieve its scope using the desired materials. It is in this context that we understand ourselves to be architects of interior design. And will be exhibiting our current construction plans at the IMM 2015.

raumplus presents_Rima Fino

This system offers convincing arguments thanks to its flexibility. Mobile shelf Rima Fino combines the mobility of a sliding door with the storage capacity ofa piece of furniture. Available on its own as a room divider or in combination with a closet placed behind it, Rima Fino brings a breath of fresh air into room, hall and closet design. A good choice for people who want to get things moving.

raumplus_Wash & Go

A washing machine gives even the most beautiful wellness temple the soapy feel of a laundrette. Bathrooms are, however, often the only place offering the space and connections for this indispensible household aid. raumplus thus demonstrates how to cleverly banish the porthole look out of the limelight. The S 300 folding door provides flexible visual and sound protection with minimal space requirements and maximum aesthetics. Clever use of a niche guaranteed to stop you getting into a spin.

raumplus_Starlight by Express

Children’s rooms – not the final frontier. And we are lucky to be able to go where no man has gone before – with the help of raumplus the chaos on board can be easily beamed away. Bespoke sliding doors in a spacy design cleverly take advantage of even the smallest storage space to conceal everything from clothes to computers out of sight, allowing us to concentrate on the star charts instead. Space gliders from Bremen, to make every day weightless.

raumplus S3000 Medical practices

The same rule applies to (storage) interiors and photography – the light has to be right. Poor lighting leaves us in the dark and too-bright light results in overexposure. Correct positioning and lighting colors are required to create the right atmosphere. raumplus offers bright ideas that take all the factors into consideration to show the contents of your closet in its best light.

raumplus S1200 S1200 LED 30 years raumplus

The Best Age - 2016 sees raumplus celebrate its 30th anniversary as a strong, vigorous company. Set up in 1986 by company founder Jürgen Guddas, the Bremenbased specialist for sliding doors, room dividers, and interior systems has grown and flourished continuously. When Uta and Carsten Bergmann, the second generation of the family, took over the helm in 2001 the company was already well-established. The couple has successfully developed it into today’s international player. With a presence in 70 countries on five continents raumplus is now indisputably a “best ager”.

raumplus island Legno

This raumplus island isn’t in the middle of the ocean, it’s the focal point of a walk-in closet and designed to make life easier. The central sideboard combination can be used to display watches, jewelry, and more besides in illuminated drawers under a glass counter top. Perfect for keeping accessories tidy and a contemporary dream for your dressing room.

raumplus Folding and Hinge Door S1200

raumplus will be presenting two product highlights at the imm cologne 2018, both perfect for confined spaces. The S1200 folding and hinge doors are the newest additions to the S1200 series and both incredible space-savers, making them the ideal solution for small rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.

raumplus S1200 LED Iconic Award

With the innovative illuminated sliding door S1200 LED raumplus has created a design highlight, which, by changing the lighting temperature, is able to stimulate human biorhythms in a completely natural way. The sliding door with adjustable light brightness and color functions has now been honoured with the Ionic Award 2017 in the »product« category.

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