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raumplus_Swing Door Slim Line, double-leaf

The new double-leaf »Swing Door Slim Line« for large wall openings from raumplus is a huge success in every sense of the word. It fulfils its function in such a brilliantly aesthetic, practical, and customized way that it has alread won the German Design Award 2020 in the category »Excellent Product Design– Buildings and Elements«.

raumplus_Sloped Ceiling Solutions

raumplus can deliver much more than just a straight line. The customized room systems ‘Made in Germany’ exploit every inch of your living space, providing multiple options for use. Alcoves can become anything from a laundry to a workspace while (seemingly) dead areas under sloping ceilingscan be re-awakened to a new interior life. How? The Bremen-based specialists can provide exciting examples from past interior design projects. Take a look! 


This raumplus island isn’t in the middle of the ocean, it’s the focal point of a walk-in closet and designed to make life easier. The central sideboard combination can be used to display watches, jewelry, and more besides in illuminated drawers under a glass counter top. Perfect for keeping accessories tidy and a contemporary dream for your dressing room.

raumplus_German Brand Award 2019

[Translate to Polen:] Zum zweiten Mal nach 2017 wurde raumplus für seine herausragende Markenarbeit mit dem German Brand Award ausgezeichnet. Dieses Jahr im Fokus der Fachjury: der Messe-Gesamtauftritt zur IMM 2019. Am neuen Standort in Halle 11.3. hatten die Bremer ihre umfassende Interior-Kompetenz mit einem kompletten Grundriss hinter hölzerner Fassade anschaulich demonstriert. Und sich damit als wahre Haus-Meister erwiesen.

raumplus_Room divider

For a long time, open living was on the crest of the interior design wave: seamless architecture saw dedicated spaces for cooking, eating, relaxing, sleeping and bathing merge into one. But desires change: when digital technology makes people available around the clock, they crave privacy. This is exactly what raumplus’ sliding-door and partitioning systems provide. They are ahead of the game and offer the new “must haves” of interiordesign.

raumplus_Sliding TV Door

[Translate to Polen:] Sie ist Gleittür und Medienzentrum in einem: die neueste raumplus Entwicklung verbindet Raumgestaltung ganz elegant mit Entertainment. Mit einem in die Türfüllung integrierten Flachbildschirm gehen Schranktür und Raumteiler gleichzeitig als TV- oder PC-Monitor auf Sendung. Premiere feiert die vielseitige »Sliding TV Door« auf der IMM 2019. Schalten Sie ein!

raumplus_Purse bag

We’re not talking about »George« or »Brad« but women are nevertheless falling passionately in love – with the raumplus purse/bag hook that premiered at the 2016 IMM. It is the perfect choice for ensuring that our beloved leather accessory doesn’t get pulled out of shape or, worst case, damaged when stored. And the holder also makes for a tidy, well-organized closet. A truly fantastic helper, even if it does nothing but hang around all day.

raumplus_German Brand Award

raumplus was pleased and proud to accept the German Brand Award 2017 in the category “Interior & Living” in Berlin. Just one year after its inauguration the award, that honors particularly successful brands, is already a coveted distinction in the German brand segment.

raumplus_Wash & Go

A washing machine gives even the most beautiful wellness temple the soapy feel of a laundrette. Bathrooms are, however, often the only place offering the space and connections for this indispensible household aid. raumplus thus demonstrates how to cleverly banish the porthole look out of the limelight. The S 300 folding door provides flexible visual and sound protection with minimal space requirements and maximum aesthetics. Clever use of a niche guaranteed to stop you getting into a spin.

raumplus_S800 Kitchen round the corner

The fascination of interiors: When buildings wow us with their structure; statics, and execution, then ideally the interiors should also mirror this. The objective should be to find the perfect design for the relevant room and achieve its scope using the desired materials. It is in this context that we understand ourselves to be architects of interior design. And will be exhibiting our current construction plans at the IMM 2015.

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