• Furniture system_ Ligran
    Type_ 4 drawers
    Lid plate & side panel_ Float glass Matelac Authentic Anthracite
    Front elements_ Float glass Matelac Pure White

    Room divider_ All glass room divider with all glass sliding doors
    Panel material_ Tempered safety glass with transparent foil in dark gray

  • 1_Sliding door_ S1200 AIR
    Frame_ Anodized Dark Bronze
    Panel material_ Tempered glass Parsol Bronze

    2_ Interior system left_ Uno
    Frame_ Anodized Dark Bronze
    Surface_ Urban Structures Matrix Dark Pine
    Accessories_ Illuminated clothes rail and shelves, drawers, trouser pull-out

    3_ Interior system right_ Legno
    Surface_ Urban Structures Matrix Dark Pine
    Doors_ RPS Aluminium Frame Hinge Doors 22,5
    Anodized Dark Bronze
    Panel material_
    Float glass Stopsol Classic Bronze
    Accessories_ Illuminated closet side and clothes rail

  • Sliding door_ S1500
    White powder-coated
    Float glass satin-finished White
    Adhesive dividing rail
    Interior system_ Legno
    Decor White
    Partitioning wall (unik)

  • Series_ Wall partitioning S1500

  • Serie_ Gleittürsystem S1500
    Rahmen_ silber eloxiert

  • Sliding Door_ S3000
    Wall partitioning_ S1500
    Frame_ Anodized silver
    Panel material_ Clear laminated safety glass
    Extra_ Handrail

Room dividers - Open but Discreet

raumplus sliding doors make space. They can be used to create open-plan interiors without having to lose the protection and discretion offered by enclosed areas. Used as room dividers, our doors can temporarily section off any zone – from kitchens an bathrooms through guest and conference areas – when you need to shut out eyes, noises, or odors. And when you’re done, the “temporary wall” can be removed in an instant, restoring your open-plan interior’s generous spaces.


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Personalized door panels

Exclusive materials, colors, and patterns create endless design options.

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Beautiful closet surfaces

Surfaces in wide range of textures and colors guarantee the right look

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Profile, Color, Door Frame

Impressive door frame colors

Profiles in current living room nuances give doors the perfect frame.

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