• Sliding Door_ S800
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Float Glass lacquered Standard Colours, Pure White 9010
    Interior System_ Legno
    Surface_Wood decor 

Sloped ceilings - It’s Pretty Edgy

Attic spaces offer a unique living environment but at the same time also present difficult interior design challenges. For example, how to use areas under sloped ceilings effectively. raumplus sliding doors offer solutions that can be customized to fit whatever space is available. No matter whether ceilings slope steeply or gently, the doors offer full functionality, creating an attractive interplay of parallel lines. This theme can also be echoed in the design elements for the surfaces – discover your preferences.


Variety in detail

Personalized door panels

Exclusive materials, colors, and patterns create endless design options.

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Beautiful closet surfaces

Surfaces in wide range of textures and colors guarantee the right look

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Profile, Color, Door Frame

Impressive door frame colors

Profiles in current living room nuances give doors the perfect frame.

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