• 1_ Sliding door_ S1200
    Anodized Dark Bronze
    Panel material_
    Tempered glass Parsol Black

    2_ Interior system_ Legno
    Urban Structures Idea Renio, rear panel: Urban Structures Idea Curio
    Accessories_ Aluminum frame shelves LED, anodized Dark Bronze, float glass Stopsol Classic Bronze

    3_ Dresser_ Legno
    Surface_ Urban Structures Idea Renio

  • Furniture system_ Ligran
    Type_ 4 drawers
    Lid plate & side panel_ Float glass Matelac Authentic Anthracite
    Front elements_ Float glass Matelac Pure White

    Room divider_ All glass room divider with all glass sliding doors
    Panel material_ Tempered safety glass with transparent foil in dark gray

  • Furniture system_ Ligran Highboard with furniture feet
    2 doors, 4 drawers
    Base frame_
    Lid plate & side panel_
    Steel Blue lacquered
    Front elements_
    Steel Blue lacquered

    Sliding door_ Wooden door
    Door panel_ Steel Blue lacquered

  • Furniture System_ Ligran Dresser with socket
    Types_ 8 drawers
    Base frame_ Decor White
    Lid plate & side panel_ Matelac Pure White
    Front elements_ Float glass Pastel Blue and Matelac Rich Yellow

    Sliding door_ S1500
    Profile color_ Lacquered Gray-Blue
    Door panel_ Float glass Pastel Blue

    Interior system_
    Profile color_ Anodized Silver
    Surface_ Douglas 381

  • Furniture system_ Ligran Sideboard with furniture feet
    1 door, 4 drawers
    Base frame_
    Urban Structures Fabric Sand
    Lid plate & side panel_
    Matelac Pure White
    Front elements_
    Urban Structures Ivy Aubergine und Matelac Pure White

    Sliding door_ S3000
    Profile color_ Anodized Silver
    Door panel_ Top: Float glass Matelac Pure White, Center: Kvadrat Plot fabric 533, Bottom: Veneer „Wave“ Alpi Light Recut Oak

    Interior system_ Legno
    Surface_ Urban Structures Fabric Sand

  • 1_ Sliding Door_ S1200
    Frame_ Dark Bronze
    Panel material_ Parsol Bronze, Mirror Bronze, Mirror satin-finished Bronze, Matelac Natural Brown
    Interior system_ Legno
    Surface_ Urban Structures Matrix Pine Dark

    2_ Furniture system_ Ligran Lowboard wall mounted
    Types_ 1 flap, 4 drawers
    Base frame_ Urban Structures Matrix Pine Dark
    Lid plate & side panel_ Matelac Natural Brown
    Front elements_ Satin-finished Bronze

  • 1_ Sliding door system_ S1200 Air
    Anodized Silver
    Panel material_ Mirror Silver

    2_ Interior system_ Uno
    Frame_ Anodized Silver
    Surface_ Decor White

    3_ Furniture system_
    Surface_ MDF lacquered
    Dresser with 4 drawers and furniture feets

Dressers - Added-Value Furniture

You know us as a specialist for sliding doors, room dividers, and interior systems. But we can offer even more – as our mobile modular furniture shows. Chests of drawers or side and high boards in diverse formats and styles can be used as stand-alone hero pieces anywhere in your room, while still functioning as team players. Their materials, structures, and colors are designed to harmonize with raumplus system designs, creating perfectly coordinated interior designs as and when required.


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