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Łatwiej być nie może

Z nami wszystko staje się łatwiejsze! Nasze drzwi przesuwne wprowadzane są w ruch bez żadnego wysiłku, a wbudowany hamulec sprawia, że równie łatwo się zatrzymują. Mechanizm hamulców w szynie górnej jest niewidoczny z zewnątrz. Powoduje stopniowe zamykanie drzwi (nawet wykonanych z grubych paneli) i naprowadzanie ich na wyznaczone miejsce. Takie rozwiązanie pozwala również ograniczyć zużywanie się materiałów.

Under Pressure

If you want to succeed in your everyday life, you need to be able to stand up to pressure. When it comes to our doors and systems, we want to be able to guarantee this to you, so we regularly put our products to the test. Or you could say – we put our products under pressure. Sample constructions and functional endurance tests; load and comparative testing – they must continually prove their functionality, quality and durability. Here at raumplus we even test how vandal-proof they are. The result? Over the last three years the technical department alone has carried out some 1.25 million test cycles and our sliding doors have covered a distance of just under 2,500 km on the test bench. This was supplemented by additional quality tests. We consciously subject our systems to everything we can think of because if they pass our tests we can happily allow them to leave the plant to undergo the daily wear and tear that makes up the daily life of a piece of furniture. Because they will then have proven that they are great, even when under pressure.