Fascinating Variety

raumplus systems are as diverse as the people who use them – and their wishes. No matter whether sliding, hinged, or folding doors; room dividers; or interior or closet systems, we can offer you almost endless design options. And are interested to see the end products. Use our materials and colors; frame and surface options; door panels; and closet interior systems to configure your very own customized closet. We look forward to creating this unique piece of furniture for you, because nothing is more inspiring than variety.

Personalized Door Panels

Whether wood, metal, or glass; mirrors, blackboards, or magnetic panels – our door panels are designed to match your interiors and your wishes. No matter how personal they are – from fabric through wallpaper to leather or your favorite photo as digitally printed one-off piece – we can make almost anything into a reality.

  • Wallpaper
    You have a favorite wallpaper? We bring them to the doors for you. Also ideal for merging the cabinet doors with the surroundings.

    Panel material_
    Wallpaper "Cubes" by Komar

  • Digital print
    We realize your desired motive for you on foil behind glass in digital printing!

    Panel material_
    left and right decor, middle digital print (child) behind glass

  • Board & Magnetic Board Marker
    Whether in the office, kitchen, corridor or children's room - with magnetic boards for chalk, markers or even projections you can create well used surfaces that stimulate your imagination, remind you of appointments or simply invite you to collect.

    Panel material_ left and right Magnetic Board Chalk, middle Magnetic Board Marker

  • Wallpaper
    You don't want the doors to be so much in the foreground? Choose the same wallpaper for walls and doors - both can be visually merged to create a harmonious overall impression.

    Panel material_
    Wallpaper "Sheer" by Komar

  • Wallpaper Amazonia
    You have a favorite wallpaper? We bring them to the doors for you. Also ideal for merging the cabinet doors with the surroundings.

    Panel material_ Wallpaper "Amazonia" by Komar

  • Wooden Selection
    A strip of exclusivity - with a spectrum ranging from solid-colored beamed oak with characteristic grain and knots to velvety black oak veneer with a saw-like structure and matt lacquer finish, the selected collection individualises the front design of the doors.

    Panel material_
    middle: Wooden Selection "Old Nature Oak Nature", top: Decor "Sand Beige", bottom: Float glass "Natural Brown"

  • Digital print
    We realize your desired motive for you on foil behind glass in digital printing!

    Panel material_
    Digital print (Watercolor) behind glass

  • Glass & Mirrors
    Depending on the room solution in how far you want to allow a view into the cupboard or into the room behind the door, you can choose between tinted, satin or lacquered glasses, mirrors in different colors and surfaces as well as special glasses with simple geometric, transparent or glossy relief motifs.

    Panel material
    _ Float glass Soft Green

  • Felt
    The high-quality felt surface creates a pleasantly warm atmosphere in the room.

    Panel material_ 
    Anthracite OB Felt

  • Individual cutting plot
    We convert your desired motif into a cutting plot (vector graphics, lettering, etc.), which is applied to the door panel using film. This creates individuality in space.

    Panel material_ Glass with individual cutting plot (trees) made of film

  • imi-Beton®
    The grey, smooth concrete look with isolated air inclusions scores with its interesting feel. The mineral coating with a large proportion of natural marble sand is ecologically harmless.

    Panel material_

  • 3D surfaces
    This door panel is a very special eye-catcher. Whether as a panel strip framed by two other panel materials or as part of a material mix, is entirely up to you.

    in the middle: 3D surface (Wave, Light Recut Oak) as panel strip, top and bottom: float glass terracotta red

  • Fabric
    Set your favourite fabric in scene - a harmonious image can be created in the composite material by allowing the fabric to reappear elsewhere in the room.

    Panel material_
    middle: Urban Structures Millenium Nature, top and bottom: Fabric Hallingdal 65 - 0754 by Kvadrat

  • Material mix
    It doesn't just have to be the one solution! The different materials can also be combined and score points through their different haptics.

    Panel material_  Top: Digital print "Clouds", middle: Urban Structures Millennium Nature, Bottom: Fabric Hallingdal 65 - 0754 by Kvadrat

  • Material mix
    The different filling materials can be easily combined with each other.

    Panel material_ Top: wallpaper "La Maison" by Komar, Middle: Wooden Selection Old Nature Oak Gray, Bottom: float glass lacquered

Beautiful Closet Surfaces

Our closets are not just pretty faces, they are also great on the inside. A variety of wood colors and grains; a selection of beautiful paint finishes; and a wide range of decors make choosing a favorite a hard task. See for yourself how different a closet can look in different surfaces.

  • Interior system_ Ecoline
    Surface_ White décor

  • Interior system_ Ecoline
    Surface_ Unidécor Stone Grey

  • Interior system_ Ecoline
    Surface_ Urban Structures Tirano Gray Ash

  • Interior system_ Ecoline
    Surface_ Urban Structures Tirano Black Oak

Impressive Door Frame Colors

The color options available for our door frames make it possible to match them perfectly to the panels and setting. In addition to our timelessly beautiful anodized Silver we also offer elegant Light or Dark Bronze; minimalist powder coatings from White through Matt Black and the entire range of RAL colors.

  • Light bronze anodized

  • Black mat powder-coated

  • Silver anodized

  • Dark Bronze anodized

  • White powder-coated

  • acc. to RAL powder-coated

  • Anigre veneer (lacquered or stained and lacquered)


As individual as your cabinet can be its lighting. And you'll soon find out: Lighting is more than just brightness - it creates atmosphere. Which part of your cabinet is illuminated is your decision. Illuminate cabinet sides, shelves, clothes rails or drawers - or all together. The choice is yours!

  • The gallery lighting consists of a rectangular luminaire with an internal LED strip. The translucent cover can be selected with a profile in Silver anodized or Dark Bronze. The gallery lighting can be combined with various switches - discuss your requirements with our local specialist dealer.

  • The illuminated clothes and corner clothes rod contains an LED strip that can be adjusted to the millimetre in width and can be combined with all raumplus switch solutions.

  • The illuminated shelves have an internal LED strip which is flush-mounted in the shelf, the width is flexible. The position of the LED strip is selectable - it can be used either in the front or in the rear area of the shelf. The lighting can be combined with various switches.

  • The illuminated cabinet side has a lighting profile with internal LED strip, which can be selected in its position. It can be used either in the front or rear area of the cabinet side. The LED side lighting can be combined with various switches.

  • An LED strip is integrated in the frame of the illuminated aluminium frame glass shelves. This is located in the front area and emits indirect light to the rear. The tempered glass lies loosely in the frame.

  • The LED drawer lighting, with integrated infrared sensor switch and internal LED strip can be adjusted to the millimetre and is screwed between the drawer body sides.

    (cannot be used with glass drawers).

Accessories for closets

With an individual door panel, the surface of the interior system and the color of the profile, you have optically designed the closet according to your wishes - now it's all about everyday comfort! A large selection of various everyday aids and accessories makes it possible for you to completely adapt your wardrobe to your own needs and make it as ergonomic as possible. Below you will find some examples.

  • The angled shelves with edging help to keep shoes in a clear arrangement.

  • The trouser pull-out with front cover offers the possibility of hanging up to 9 trousers.

  • The pull-down clothes lift is ideal for hanging up items of clothing if you want to make full use
    of higher and less accessible areas of your storage space.

  • The tie holder provides a clear storage.

  • We offer you many different drawer variants in individual sizes for the equipment of your interior system.

  • With the hook rail cloths and bags can be stored gently and clearly.

  • With the flap carcass you can hide things elegantly.

  • The storage cube helps with the sorting of the clothes.

  • The pull-out shelf can be used in a variety of ways - e.g. as a shelf for ironing clothes during sorting or for clearly arranged storage of shoes.

  • The purse hook serves for the safe storage of handbags at the clothes rail. Through the hanging accommodation can prevent a material breakage of the bag.


Colors may vary slightly from the samples shown! The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without notice.

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carefully selected raumplus specialist dealers.

Rat für Formgebung, German Design Council

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