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raumplus_Wash & Go

A washing machine gives even the most beautiful wellness temple the soapy feel of a laundrette. Bathrooms are, however, often the only place offering the space and connections for this indispensible household aid. raumplus thus demonstrates how to cleverly banish the porthole look out of the limelight. The S 300 folding door provides flexible visual and sound protection with minimal space requirements and maximum aesthetics. Clever use of a niche guaranteed to stop you getting into a spin.

raumplus_Starlight by Express

Children’s rooms – not the final frontier. And we are lucky to be able to go where no man has gone before – with the help of raumplus the chaos on board can be easily beamed away. Bespoke sliding doors in a spacy design cleverly take advantage of even the smallest storage space to conceal everything from clothes to computers out of sight, allowing us to concentrate on the star charts instead. Space gliders from Bremen, to make every day weightless.

raumplus_Simply excellent

The products of the Bremen specialist for sliding door and partition-wall systems proved to be price worthy twice in the same way. With the iF product design award and the homesolute award raumplus received excellent critiques both from experts and consumers. While the iF jury awarded a prize to the room separation program »Cornice«, the users of the online magazine homesolute opted for the sliding door profile system 3000 being their favorite. In Bremen, the double design award is interpreted as an obligation to keep on developing »excellent« products.

raumplus_Heads or tails

raumplus is a master of the art of room dividing. At the 2010 I Saloni the Bremen specialists for walk-in closets; sliding door and partitioning wall systems in German quality have also again shown that they are not only the right address for technical perfection but also for attractive aesthetics. Their door panels – incorporating “in” colours and digitally printed trend motifs from numbers to barbed wire or, put succinctly, whatever you want – have set interior design trends in fashion hotspot Milan.

raumplus_Room divider

For a long time, open living was on the crest of the interior design wave: seamless architecture saw dedicated spaces for cooking, eating, relaxing, sleeping and bathing merge into one. But desires change: when digital technology makes people available around the clock, they crave privacy. This is exactly what raumplus’ sliding-door and partitioning systems provide. They are ahead of the game and offer the new “must haves” of interiordesign.

raumplus_Sliding TV Door

It is a sliding door and media center in one. The latest raumplus development elegantly combines interior design with entertainment. A flat-screen monitor incorporated into the door panel allows the closet door and room divider to be used as a TV or computer monitor. The versatile »Sliding TV Door« will be premiered at the IMM 2019. Be sure to tune in!

raumplus Turn intergr. loudspeaker

The new closet and sliding door generations are more than just pretty faces – invisible from the outside they can not only structure space but also fill it with the right sound. raumplus and integrated loudspeaker systems make it possible – using furniture that sets an elegant tone.

raumplus_Happy Hours

raumplus makes you happy!” – A daily experience for the Bremen specialist’s international customers. Because raumplus sliding and folding doors; interior systems; room dividers and room doors beautify the day from choosing clothes in your walk-in closet in the morning to closing the sliding doors to shut out your home office from the rest of your life at the end of your working day. All of which adds up to many, many happy hours.

raumplus_Sloped ceiling dining room

A line drawing or a child’s photo; an XL blossom or lettering; a comic hero or favourite animal – raumplus can realise any idea for a sliding door panel. No matter whether it comes for the in-house creative department or directly from the customer. Closets are thus transformed into unique pieces and apartments into galleries. With large format pictures that turn heads. Art to Use – by experts.

raumplus_A fresh breeze

Summer, sun, wind and waves – this entrance area delivers a good mood free house. Scandinavian colours in a striped look make for a cheerful backdrop concealing storage for everything from espadrilles to rubber boots and coats to sun hats. Take a break from run-of-the-mill design!

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