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01-066 Warszawa
Tel. +48 22 266 84 86 / +48 503 838 372
E-Mail: a.swiderska@remove-this.raumplus.pl

Showroom otwarty w godz. 10-18. Prosimy o wcześniejszy kontakt telefoniczny, w celu umówienia się na spotkanie.

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 Climate Protection Certificate

The greatest possible degree of product protection while putting the least possible strain on the environment – this is our mission when it comes to packaging. That this strategy is producing results has now been confirmed by Interseroh GmbH, the company that recycles our transport packaging for us.
Based on an in-depth study by the prestigious Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute on the reduction of greenhouse gases Inteseroh has established that our recycling efforts last year resulted in a 26,647.80 kilogram reduction in greenhouses gases. This is equivalent to the average CO² emissions of a car driving 180,000 kilometers. The raw materials that we have recycled join what is known as the materials flow, thus not only avoiding unnecessary CO² emissions but also saving an additional almost 36,000 kg of resources. We view the corresponding “2012 Climate Protection Certificate” that has been issued to us as both a confirmation of our activities in this field and a motivation to continue and expand them. We invite all our partners and business contacts to join us in these efforts.

raumplus accessory

raumplus listens to its female customers. And they kept on asking for a smart purse/bag storage option that would safely protect different size and format purses and bags from kinks, scratches, and tears in the leather. The purse/bag holder we developed in response has become a firm favorite with the ladies since being launched at the IMM 2016 in Cologne. The cross between a hanger and a specially shaped metal bracket offers non-slip storage for purses, no matter what the material. All you have to do is hang the purse handle or shoulder strap over the rectangular hook attached to the clothes hanger top that can be hung on the clothes rail in your closet or interior system. Making it child’s play to quickly find the right purse to go with your outfit; get hold of it easily; and then put it back into the closet, where it will be protected from scratches and dust. Good organization that not only benefits the eye but also the closet, since there is no longer any risk of shelf surfaces being scratched as purses are pushed or pulled along them. The 2-piece set, available in Dark Bronze or Silver options, is a true professional, even if it does nothing but hang around all day.

Łatwiej być nie może

Z nami wszystko staje się łatwiejsze! Nasze drzwi przesuwne wprowadzane są w ruch bez żadnego wysiłku, a wbudowany hamulec sprawia, że równie łatwo się zatrzymują. Mechanizm hamulców w szynie górnej jest niewidoczny z zewnątrz. Powoduje stopniowe zamykanie drzwi (nawet wykonanych z grubych paneli) i naprowadzanie ich na wyznaczone miejsce. Takie rozwiązanie pozwala również ograniczyć zużywanie się materiałów.