raumplus like a breath of spring


Ligran Has a Big Impact

Although winter seems to be hanging on in some places in Germany, we are actually now on daylight-saving time! If you take a look outside the door, you will see that Nature is already trying out her latest spring collection, inspiring us to reinvigorate our interiors. The raumplus »Ligran« series of stand-alone pieces is perfect for achieving a big impact on a small budget. Available in a wide variety of freely combinable formats, colors, and functions, it gives your home that “easy living” summer feel. From short and compact through long and slim; with hinged and sliding doors plus drawers and flaps in numerous surfaces and colorways. You don’t have to be afraid to choose bright colors since the purist fronts with their wrap-around joins provide an elegant but calming counter-balance. High-end “push-to-open” fittings make handles superfluous, emphasizing the minimalist look. Depending on the size and format you choose, »Ligran« can be mounted on furniture feet, a frame, or a pedestal or, alternatively, wall-mounted. Optional extras from a cable opening through an open rear wall to a matching desk top are also available, making the series the perfect customized solution for every application from media units through home offices. Whether stand-alone or in combination with our sliding door and interior systems, »Ligran« offers the flexibility to create unique interior design concepts thanks to its systematic range of sizes. And if you should decide that you want a different color, then the sides and covering panels can easily be changed. Whether in green or any other spring colorway, »Ligran« allows interiors to have a big impact.

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Just the greatest

Our new IMA Novimat edge banding machine is in a class of its own in every regard. Manufactured by IMA Klessmann, based in Lübbecke in East Westphalia/Germany, it proudly bears the “Made in Germany” label of quality, just like our own products. In order to be able to house the six metric tonnes heavy, 9.5 meter long giant we had to move a special production workshop wall in our manufacturing area. A 70-tonne crane then used all its massive strength to lift the machine into place in its new home. The IMA is now fitting our systems with water-resistant edging using PU adhesive to do so – and achieving a top performance of up to 30 running meters per minute. This ensures that our products are perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms as well as also for overseas export to countries with difficult climatic conditions such as high humidity. So, after successfully surviving this strenuous installation work we can now settle down to enjoy our heavy-weight, technically high-achieving new addition which is just the greatest!

Flexible but Down to Earth

raumplus bottom tracks can be used on any surface. No matter whether carpet or tiles; parquet or concrete; landmarked or brand new; our bottom tracks are always up to the job. The inserted version can make rooms barrier-free; the surface version is just 6 millimeters in height, making it easy to walk over. Single or multi-track the bottom tracks guide our sliding doors safely in the long term, even over the uneven floors typical for old buildings, and can also be perfectly matched to any RAL color.

Under Pressure

If you want to succeed in your everyday life, you need to be able to stand up to pressure. When it comes to our doors and systems, we want to be able to guarantee this to you, so we regularly put our products to the test. Or you could say – we put our products under pressure. Sample constructions and functional endurance tests; load and comparative testing – they must continually prove their functionality, quality and durability. Here at raumplus we even test how vandal-proof they are. The result? Over the last three years the technical department alone has carried out some 1.25 million test cycles and our sliding doors have covered a distance of just under 2,500 km on the test bench. This was supplemented by additional quality tests. We consciously subject our systems to everything we can think of because if they pass our tests we can happily allow them to leave the plant to undergo the daily wear and tear that makes up the daily life of a piece of furniture. Because they will then have proven that they are great, even when under pressure.