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Planning Without Boundaries

When you choose raumplus there is no need to be afraid of “crossing the threshold”, because our sliding doors are designed to function without those features that can become obstacles, making life within your own four walls a challenge. No matter whether you require temporary or permanent assistance to get around, our systems are made to ensure accessibility, whenever wherever. We offer a choice between bottom tracks installed flush to the floor or ceiling-hung AIR systems that require only minimal floor-mounted guides. Depending on the room size, we can also supply bottom-guided systems with extra-wide doors on request. When fitted with optional extras such as a motor and motion sensors, our doors can also be opened and shut automatically. raumplus walk-in closets are another great way of achieving greater mobility as well as independent access to clothing. In addition to this, our interior systems can be customized to correspond exactly to the user’s range of movement – height-adjustable and pull-out shelves; smooth-running drawers with organizer systems; and clothes lifts are all valuable aids, as are the range of interior lighting options we offer. So, infinite possibilities for forward-thinking planners – plus also attractive to look at and endlessly comfortable.

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Mix & Match

Variable sliding door or fixed dividing wall? At raumplus this is not an either-or decision because both options can be combined to create a whole that is both creative and harmonious. Or as the dividing line between kitchen and dining room with sliding doors that opened when the cooking is finished while keeping the preparation area permanently hidden behind dividing walls or to structure an attic space with static walls under the eaves and sliding doors in the taller center of the room – there are numerous options to achieve a perfect Mix & Match of systems. So get mixing!

Just listen to the music

You can’t see anything but there’s a lot to hear. No matter whether you need the right sound for a pajama party or soft background music to chill out in your living room – Turn can deliver. Our flexible closet newcomer, available as a stand-alone piece of furniture or for custom fitting in an alcove, can be supplied with an optional, innovative audio system. Ultra-flat DML loudspeakers are integrated into the hinged doors, with and a subwoofer with amplifier is located in the center of the closet. Thanks to their 180° x 180° angle of radiation the speakers provide consistently great resonance, no matter where the listener is standing. The subwoofer works off a mains socket and can be controlled using the jack plugs or wirelessly via Bluetooth. So in addition to its many other assets, Turn also scores points as a cutting-edge piece of media furniture providing great acoustics – and all without the owner having to make visual compromises. The same goes for our sliding doors, which can also be fitted with the same high fidelity sound system. A great sounding convenience feature that is all part of the program at raumplus.

The easy way

We can make things easy for you! Our sliding doors can be set into motion without any effort. An integrated sliding door brake ensures that they stop just as easily. The brake mechanism, integrated into the top track, is invisible from the outside but has an effect that doesn’t need to hide. It can slow down even doors with heavy panels without any effort, pulling them into the designated stopping position. This reduces wear and tear both on the materials and on the user’s muscles and nerves. A comfortably easy way, where the only thing not to be stopped is your enthusiasm!