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The Final Summer Sprint

The sports enthusiasts at raumplus are always one step ahead when it comes to going that extra mile for a good cause. In June they pulled on their sports shoes twice after work. June 2 saw them complete the 6.5 km-long Third Bremen B2Run company fun run. Once again, the route took in the Sommer and Jürgens dikes before looping around the Weserstadion sports arena, where the finishing line was located. Some 6,500 runners from 350 companies were cheered on by their “fan clubs” as they crossed line. German charity “Deutsche Fernsehlotterie” also had reason to rejoice, as the proceeds from the “Charity-Starter” tickets will go towards funding social projects in the region. Our team was able to kick back and celebrate in the sunshine after finishing their run. In contrast, the motto on June 20, the date of the 9th BMW company fun run, was “All weathers”, with the 240 teams, including ours, starting in drizzle. The focus of the event, that is purposely not against the clock, is on team spirit and sporting cooperation. The waterproof raumplus team approached the 5 km-long route in this spirit, happy in the knowledge that their entrance fee would be used to support the Special Olympics Bremen. Our Wednesday News has also crossed a finishing line – to the summer break. We will be back on August 31 with lots of raumplus-related current news items. You will hopefully also be able to enjoy a sunny break from your work marathon. We look forward to welcoming you back to the website in the fall!

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 Climate Protection Certificate

The greatest possible degree of product protection while putting the least possible strain on the environment – this is our mission when it comes to packaging. That this strategy is producing results has now been confirmed by Interseroh GmbH, the company that recycles our transport packaging for us.
Based on an in-depth study by the prestigious Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute on the reduction of greenhouse gases Inteseroh has established that our recycling efforts last year resulted in a 26,647.80 kilogram reduction in greenhouses gases. This is equivalent to the average CO² emissions of a car driving 180,000 kilometers. The raw materials that we have recycled join what is known as the materials flow, thus not only avoiding unnecessary CO² emissions but also saving an additional almost 36,000 kg of resources. We view the corresponding “2012 Climate Protection Certificate” that has been issued to us as both a confirmation of our activities in this field and a motivation to continue and expand them. We invite all our partners and business contacts to join us in these efforts.

Named products

Some 15,000 doors pass through the hands of our six door builders every year. And every one of them bears the signature of the person who manufactured it. We don’t do this because we want to market our doors as pieces of art with the cachet of a “limited edition”. Nonetheless every one of these custom-fit, hand-made doors is a unique product and a beautiful piece of craftsmanship whose creator deserves to be named. In addition to this, the fact that the doors do not remain anonymous means that our employees noticeably identify more strongly with the product. Which is no surprise since everyone wants to show that their skill and know-how does credit to their name. And you would sign up for that program too, wouldn’t you?

Please, Mr. Postman

Our ambition is to use our systems to fulfil everyone’s personal interior dreams. In addition to custom-made manufacturing this also means having a wide range of visual options. We thus, for example, have far in excess of 2 000 sliding door panels in glass, paint, décor and veneer to choose from. Should, during the final decision-making process, the customer need to directly compare their favorites from among this huge diversity of woods, patterns and colors or want to match our product to their existing interior we ready to help with advice, action and panel samples. Customers can borrow these samples via their local raumplus dealer. An elaborate service that helps the customer to make a decision when things are tricky but also demands the highest degree of accuracy from us with regard to labelling and documentation. Because, although this mail order service is an exception to the generally uncomplicated selection rule, every year we still dispatch thousands of panel samples by mail. Mr. Pietruszka and his department make sure that they keep an overview of the samples. An important task since, in addition to the comprehensive offering, there are also some super-tricky cases such as four different white glass options. So we would like to say “Thank you” to the team for their daily attention to detail, that prevents both the customer and us from making annoying, expensive mistakes. Simply exemplary!