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Pierre, Putting Out Our IT Fires

Whenever there is a cry for help at raumplus because a computer, printer, or server isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, we can rely on Pierre Röper to put out the fire pronto. As our system and network administrator he is always able to spot the problem. “Printers and software cause most of the trouble,” says Pierre. And Pierre is always right – no surprise since he’s been with us since 2004, making sure that raumplus is always up to the minute where hard- and software are concerned. So, the only major challenge that has stuck in his memory is a file server crash on the weekend. But even that didn’t faze him – his solution was to work on Sunday, thus ensuring that the server was up and running ready for business on Monday. Of course, just like every company we too sometimes experience minor backups on the data highway. Pierre, however, views every new problem as a challenge and loves that his job allows him to interact with almost all his co-workers at raumplus. He tells us with a grin that he is welcome wherever he goes – “Everyone is pleased when I appear on the scene to solve the problem quickly.” And we can say with certainty that Pierre puts out our fires just as fast as the real firefighters!

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Mix & Match

Variable sliding door or fixed dividing wall? At raumplus this is not an either-or decision because both options can be combined to create a whole that is both creative and harmonious. Or as the dividing line between kitchen and dining room with sliding doors that opened when the cooking is finished while keeping the preparation area permanently hidden behind dividing walls or to structure an attic space with static walls under the eaves and sliding doors in the taller center of the room – there are numerous options to achieve a perfect Mix & Match of systems. So get mixing!

The easy way

We can make things easy for you! Our sliding doors can be set into motion without any effort. An integrated sliding door brake ensures that they stop just as easily. The brake mechanism, integrated into the top track, is invisible from the outside but has an effect that doesn’t need to hide. It can slow down even doors with heavy panels without any effort, pulling them into the designated stopping position. This reduces wear and tear both on the materials and on the user’s muscles and nerves. A comfortably easy way, where the only thing not to be stopped is your enthusiasm!

Fast-action BOXes

Fast-action BOXes

The way to get everything tip top in the shortest time: Our versatile BOX PUR organizing system provides structure for closet drawers, ensuring that their contents stays where it should be. Be it jewellery or lingerie; belts, watches, socks or ties, everything has its own custom-made place. Saving time-wasting searching and avoiding unholy alliances – such as necklaces and nylon stockings. The clever Ultrasuede drawer inserts are available in black or white and two heights and depths. Anodized aluminium frames and dividers can be grouped into different sizes. Special modules for necklaces, watches or jewellery create perfect storage for those small treasures which love to disappear into the depths of a drawer. An extra profile even allows a space-saving solution where two BOX PUR elements are stacked on top of each other. Anyone who values order and needs fast access in the morning rush should be sure not to miss the action.