raumplus wins award


Exclusive BRANDmark

We were pleased and proud to travel to Berlin last Thursday to accept the German Brand Award 2017 in the category “Interior & Living” on behalf of raumplus. That we would quite literally be carried to the award ceremony on a wave of success was, however, something that we couldn’t foresee. The gala evening in Germany’s capital city saw not just a flood of guests but also as much rain as usually falls in a whole month. Luckily for us, the German Design Council organizers of the ceremony didn’t flounder when confronted with record-breaking rainfall. Instead they provided the guests waiting outside Friedrichstrasse’s Volkswagenforum with a welcome drink that ensured they were as “wet” on the inside as on the outside and, following the lecture program, provided the 500 guests with transport to the Historisches Museum so that no-one got wet on the way to the gala afterwards. Raumplus was among prestigious company, with prize winners including Lamy, Porsche, Lufthansa, Bretz and NOMOS Glashütte. We appreciate the German Brand Award as recognition of our internationally successful brand and also see the exclusive “brand mark” as a quality commitment to our customers.

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Take things lightly

The new year is boom time for them – programs to reduce your weight and make you more mobile. Our Rima Fino system shows how it’s done. The system has been significantly slimmed down and, thanks to its mobility and fresh look, has opened up new applications for use. With 25 mm material thickness and a loading capacity of 360 kg the original Rima version is far heavier and a true tower of strength and will remain in the series for times when there is a heavy load to bear. In addition to this, there is now also a 12 mm slim-line variation of the Rima Fino. It can be used as an attractive open room divider or as a mobile hall closet solution with integrated mirror. Twelve different surfaces in paint, décor or the current Urban Structures wood patterns are available and can be individually combined with four strong accent colors. Partitioning walls for flexible shelf division; sliding doors; clothes hooks or boxes for small items – there are plenty of elements to configure your very own personal interior design solution. All in keeping with the Rima Fino motto: Take things lightly!

Flexible but Down to Earth

raumplus bottom tracks can be used on any surface. No matter whether carpet or tiles; parquet or concrete; landmarked or brand new; our bottom tracks are always up to the job. The inserted version can make rooms barrier-free; the surface version is just 6 millimeters in height, making it easy to walk over. Single or multi-track the bottom tracks guide our sliding doors safely in the long term, even over the uneven floors typical for old buildings, and can also be perfectly matched to any RAL color.

Under Pressure

If you want to succeed in your everyday life, you need to be able to stand up to pressure. When it comes to our doors and systems, we want to be able to guarantee this to you, so we regularly put our products to the test. Or you could say – we put our products under pressure. Sample constructions and functional endurance tests; load and comparative testing – they must continually prove their functionality, quality and durability. Here at raumplus we even test how vandal-proof they are. The result? Over the last three years the technical department alone has carried out some 1.25 million test cycles and our sliding doors have covered a distance of just under 2,500 km on the test bench. This was supplemented by additional quality tests. We consciously subject our systems to everything we can think of because if they pass our tests we can happily allow them to leave the plant to undergo the daily wear and tear that makes up the daily life of a piece of furniture. Because they will then have proven that they are great, even when under pressure.