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Obituary for Berislav Djukanovic

We were shocked to hear of the death of our long-standing Serbian raumplus partner Berislav Djukanovic, aged just 55 years old. He suffered a stroke while driving his car at night and was killed during the resulting accident. Originally one of our customers in Serbia, “Beri” became our employee when the economic situation in his home country took a dramatic turn for the worse in 2011, relocating to China to develop the local raumplus production facility for us. While his business partner in Serbia kept the business there going, Beri successfully managed the balancing act between Europe and Asia. Despite the language barrier he quickly became the “father” of his team, while still also managing to devote time to his own family, despite the huge distance that separated them. So we were pleased for Beri when he was able to return home in 2013, after handing over the fantastic results of his pioneering work in China – western product quality and European service standards for Asian customers. He also played a major role in helping to organize our first export meeting in China. 2013 saw an economic upturn in Serbia and Beri returned home to make the most of this opportunity. Until fate took him from us, far too early. We join Berislav Djukanovic’s family and everyone who knew him in grieving for the loss of a man who we will all miss desperately.

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Flexible but Down to Earth

raumplus bottom tracks can be used on any surface. No matter whether carpet or tiles; parquet or concrete; landmarked or brand new; our bottom tracks are always up to the job. The inserted version can make rooms barrier-free; the surface version is just 6 millimeters in height, making it easy to walk over. Single or multi-track the bottom tracks guide our sliding doors safely in the long term, even over the uneven floors typical for old buildings, and can also be perfectly matched to any RAL color.

Named products

Some 15,000 doors pass through the hands of our six door builders every year. And every one of them bears the signature of the person who manufactured it. We don’t do this because we want to market our doors as pieces of art with the cachet of a “limited edition”. Nonetheless every one of these custom-fit, hand-made doors is a unique product and a beautiful piece of craftsmanship whose creator deserves to be named. In addition to this, the fact that the doors do not remain anonymous means that our employees noticeably identify more strongly with the product. Which is no surprise since everyone wants to show that their skill and know-how does credit to their name. And you would sign up for that program too, wouldn’t you?

Just the greatest

Our new IMA Novimat edge banding machine is in a class of its own in every regard. Manufactured by IMA Klessmann, based in Lübbecke in East Westphalia/Germany, it proudly bears the “Made in Germany” label of quality, just like our own products. In order to be able to house the six metric tonnes heavy, 9.5 meter long giant we had to move a special production workshop wall in our manufacturing area. A 70-tonne crane then used all its massive strength to lift the machine into place in its new home. The IMA is now fitting our systems with water-resistant edging using PU adhesive to do so – and achieving a top performance of up to 30 running meters per minute. This ensures that our products are perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms as well as also for overseas export to countries with difficult climatic conditions such as high humidity. So, after successfully surviving this strenuous installation work we can now settle down to enjoy our heavy-weight, technically high-achieving new addition which is just the greatest!